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January 14, 2009 right now Im sitting in the production office of Pavaline, in NYC. Im in a pre-production meeting for my film "The Note". We are working out the details of the agreement for production and cleaning the script to really give it the punch to make you say YEAH great film. David and Joseph really have added some great ideas we are working well together. (which is a good thing I wasn't sure if we would I wanted to make sure I keep the heart of my story.)

I have meet with the President, Marc Dahan, the COO, Alan Pearce and Executive Producers Joseph James, and Head of Development David Allensworth. More to follow...

January 13, 2009
Auditioned for the feature Get Low starting Robert Duvall. It is a true story about a recluse crazy old man who wants to throw a party for his funeral. I read of a great part. Kelley put me on tape and Im really happy with my work.

January 8, 2009
Got word today that the president of Pavaline wants to meet with me next Wednesday in New York, then I will stay a day or two and work with the producers there to lock down the script and go over details. This really seems to be happening!!!!!

January 7, 2009
Got a call late today from one of the folks at Pavaline, with suggestions for rewrites to fix some of the issues with my script, because I broadcast the ending too soon. (which is true)

January 6, 2009
I got an email today that Pavaline is moving forward in producing The Note, and I'm to expect a call from an executive producer and writer about the piece.

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