Virginia Tax Amnesty commercial (10 mb)

Geeks-On-Call commercial (1.5 mb)

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(Keith on One Tree Hill as Conrad)

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(Keith on Psychic Witness as John Wayne Gacy)

Click to see Keith on Americas Most Wanted
(Keith on America's Most Wanted as David Beiber)

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(Keith for Regent University)


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As a Washington Redskin On the set of ESPN Promo Spot. Click here for more pictures.
Sophia * Keith * Hilarie - One the set of One Tree Hill On the set of One Tree Hill with Sophia Bush, who plays Brooke and Hilarie Burton, who plays Peyton.
Rawson and Keith On the set of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh with Director Rawson Thurber.
Jon and Keith On the set of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh with Lead Jon Foster.
Peter and Keith On the set of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh with Peter Sarsgaard.
Arthur in Red Legged Devils Playing the role of Arthur in the film Red Legged Devils Produced by CSquared Productions and directed by Charlie Spickler.
How You Doing On the set of Red Legged Devils with the lead Gavin Peretti who played the role of Jamie, and with co-star Sherrie Morgan , who played my wife Anne.
How You Doing Keith...Scary, I know...
Denise Dowse Keith and Denise Dowse (Ray, Coach Carter, The Guardian, Beverly Hills 90210, and many more) at the cast party for Hiram and Nettie.

NICE Hair Keith...
Pat Morita Keith and Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) On the Set of Flight of the Bumblebee.
During filming of a Heaven and Earth Commercial.
Getting the crap beat out of him during filming of Moving.

Between takes Keith was just laying on the ground and since shooting was in a real flea market and it was low budget there were real folks walking by... One of them call the cops and reported a man down and bleeding...
Would you look at that height.
Tax Letterman. A three month job as the offical spokesperson for Virginia Tax Amnesty. Promo covered all Media - Print, TV, Public Appearances, and even Radio.
Playing the Governor / Innkeeper in The Man of LaMancha. I'm pictured with Steven Garrett as Don Quixote