January 14, 2009 right now I’m sitting in the production office of Pavaline, in NYC. I’m in a pre-production meeting for my film "The Note". We are working out the details of the agreement for production and cleaning the script to really give it the punch to make you say YEAH – great film. David and Joseph really have added some great ideas – we are working well together. (which is a good thing – I wasn't sure if we would – I wanted to make sure I keep the heart of my story.)

I have meet with the President, Marc Dahan, the COO, Alan Pearce and Executive Producers Joseph James, and Head of Development David Allensworth. More to follow...

January 13, 2009
Auditioned for the feature Get Low starting Robert Duvall. It is a true story about a recluse crazy old man who wants to throw a party for his funeral. I read of a great part. Kelley put me on tape and I’m really happy with my work.

January 8, 2009
Got word today that the president of Pavaline wants to meet with me next Wednesday in New York, then I will stay a day or two and work with the producers there to lock down the script and go over details. This really seems to be happening!!!!!

January 7, 2009
Got a call late today from one of the folks at Pavaline, with suggestions for rewrites to fix some of the issues with my script, because I broadcast the ending too soon. (which is true)

January 6, 2009
I got an email today that Pavaline is moving forward in producing The Note, and I'm to expect a call from an executive producer and writer about the piece.

January 5, 2009
I received contact again from a representative from [P A V A L I N E] and it really seems like they want to do my film.

January 2, 2009
Some Great news!!!!

In all my research and marketing I try to keep my nose up and sniff out great opportunities I came across, and I caught a whiff of a production company in NYC called, [P A V A L I N E] They have a great mission and strategy for success and I’m very excited about where they are going, and more importantly they are have screen play competitions and are producing the winners. On a whim I sent them a copy of my short called The Note. And... they called me today. They are interested in talking to me about producing the film!!!!

January 1, 2009
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year to all. I hope everyone had a great holiday season! And have a blessed and truly successful new year.

November 24, 2008
One of the primary reason's I haven't been able to keep up my journal is I am coaching JV Volleyball. This is new for me and any extra time I had to sit and type up entries for my website was gone, something had to give, so I have not spent the time. I am working on finding a happy medium.

August 6, 2008
I have been crazy busy!!! I'm not going to be able to keep up this journal for a few weeks... Also I'm looking to rework my website.

Thanks for your support!!

July 1, 2008
Auditioned for the film called, In Northwood which is being shot in Pittsburgh and directed by D.W. Brown and produced by Mike Wittlin. Donna Belajac is casting the film and the lovely Kelley Davis put me on tape for the film. I read for three different parts. A Cop, A Psychotic ward guard and a "Chubby" psychotic patient... CRAZY – fun audition!!!!!!! Thanks Kelley, you ROCK!!!!

June 26, 2008
Ok here is some exciting news!! A little over a year ago I wrote a short film which I plan to produce and direct, then use the resulting film to fund a feature based on the same story line.

The film is called The Note here is a brief synopsis of the story is:
A man in love with the same woman his whole life has never had the courage to take the steps to tell her. When presented with the chance, he seeks advice in the strangest of places; in his deli from one of his customers, an old pleasant looking grandmother, someone who radiates nothing but happiness.

Well earlier this year I submitted the script to the film festival DC Shorts. They have a short film screen writing competition, and I have learned, this year approx 96 scripts were submitted and the judges picked 6 scripts to be preformed on stage during the festival. The Note was one of the six. Yeah!!

When the scripts are preformed during the festival the audience votes on their favorite, then the festival totals the audience votes and the judge’s votes and names a winner. The winner gets money to make the film, guaranteed screening at the festival in ’09 (If they get the film finished and submitted by the 09 deadline) and assuming the film is completed as an extra incentive they give the screen writer more money for completing the film. It is a great thing... So, if you find yourself in our nation’s capitol Sept 13, you need to come see my short film acted out on stage by a group of actors. By bud Justin Tully is going to be one of the actors performing the short at the festival.

June 21, 2008
Shoot Wireless commercial. Turns out Justin and I have call times that are 30 minutes apart so we rode together. Good shoot, I spent some time getting Santa’d up. Had a lot of fun doing the spot, I really look forward to seeing it. Also got to watch Terry and Justin work. Both were really funny. Justin looked like a young Tom Cruise and had all the girls on the set drooling.. heck I was too. Lots of fun!!!

June 20, 2008
Call back today @ MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] for the wireless phone spot. Two of my buddies, Terry Jernigan and Justin Tully both got call backs too, so we all jumped in my truck and headed to Richmond. I was happy with my read the director, gave me some direction and I did what he asked (I think).

Well on the way home, both Justin and Terry got calls, they both booked the spot (the client was doing about 4 or 5 different ones). Congrats fellows. (I didn’t book – ARGH)

June 20, 2008
Ok, where do I begin? How about this, short and sweet… Three for Three!!!! I booked the Carolina West Wireless spot, but as something I didn’t even audition for – SANTA!!!!! Turns out, Stacie @ MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] didn’t do auditions for a Santa, so when I read for all the other spots, (I had auditioned for 3) they (director, producer, client) love’d me but couldn’t fit me into one of the spots. Well the Park Group who produced the spots held auditions at other places and they couldn’t find a Santa that made them happy. So they picked me. Yeah for me!!

So Three for Three, Terry Jernigan and Justin Tully and me rode to the callback together and all three of us booked it.

June 18, 2008
Audition @ MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] for Carolina West Wireless. It is a pay and play local. This was a good read, a fun part. It will be a split screen with the hero talking to himself 30 days later. I did one as a dad and another as a dude in Vegas... I think I did ok. My daughter Meagan auditioned too.

June 16, 2008
Auditioned for an industrial about bad backs. A company from Indiana is shooting locally. My Daughter Meagan auditioned too.

May 16, 2008
WOW, March 19th was the last time I did this... I really have to get back on the ball. Since March, I have had a few of auditions, a film shooting in South Carolina, one shooting in Pittsburgh - that audition was nice, Donna Belajac let Kelley Davis put me on tape, so I didn’t have to drive to the 'burgh. - Yeah for me! - I've read for a couple pay-and-play commercials locally and some industrials and I have had to miss auditions in DC, Philly and Baltimore because of some things I have going on. But overall it has been slow on the acting front. I have pulled back my marketing because I have some really great things I'm working on, (will tell in time) that will really benefit me in my career, and a lot of other folks too. I will keep working at getting better keeping this blog up.

March 19, 2008
Audition @ Donna Belajac's for a Vitamin Water commercial staring Labron James.

February 22, 2008
Audition @ Donna Belajac's for two films, Shelter starting Julianne Moore and She’s Out of My League.

February 21, 2008
So I have been thinking... How do I keep this blog up when I’m becoming increasingly buzy. So this is what I have decided. I’m not going to do the really long entries all the time. I will only put what I did… ie, audition for such and such at so and so’s office. Then I’m going to try and monthly do a longer entry. I’m tired of falling so far behind.

February 19, 2008
I flew to Atlanta this morning. I got a call last week from Houghton Talent to audition for a film about the 1900’s murder trial of Leo Frank. I read for the lead detective on the case.

My audition was with Shay Bentley-Griffin who is the owner of Chez Casting I really felt good about this read. I was told that Shay normally doesn’t give any comments or feedback, but when I finished she said I did very good. Made me happy. We’ll see.

February 19, 2008
I have to type something I don’t want to, but its part of my retribution. When I was in Atlanta I spent my time with my brother Scott. After the audition I gave him a bunch of trouble telling him I would Kick his Butt bowling. And well I lost. 4 out of 3. He beat me two games then his total pins beat me. Next time he won’t win.

February 11, 2008
In DC this week with my Day job.

February 10, 2008
I have a film project I have been working on with a good friend and we just finished the first complete draft of the film. We got a group of actors together to read through the script to get a feel for how it flowed. I’m excited. More to follow, when there is more to add.

January 28, 2008
Back in January I read for a film called the Feast of Seven Fishes @ Donna Belajac's. It went well... no call back. So I guess not that well.

January 21, 2008
Ok a really quick update…

I’m months behind… but really quick The Mysteries of Pittsburgh screened last night at the Sundance Film Festival. I was just looking around on line and just found this video interview of Rawson Marshal Thurber the director. Enjoy...

I will try and check up this thingie this week… Thanks for the reminder Frank.

November 29, 2007
This just in: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh is scheduled to screen at the 2008 : Sundance Film Festival in January.

November 29, 2007
I have an audition in Pittsburgh tomorrow for a film called. Homecoming I haven't finished reading the script yet, but it is a story about a high school football star coming home to have his jersey retired. I'm reading for the head football coach.

Also, I will be taking my son Tanner to see the Steelers game on Sunday night... YEAH HAAAAAA

November 28, 2007
Possibly good news... I read today in the Hollywood Reporter that The Mysteries of Pittsburgh may screen at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

November 28, 2007
Just got a call from Heery Casting. It seems that for Peter Jackson's next film The Lovely Bones they are going to use my headshot for a mugshot in a book at the police station when they are trying to find the bad guy.

November 27, 2007
Met w/ a young man by the name of Dustin Lewis who is an up and coming photographer in Va. I have seen the work he's done for Justin Tully and I really like it, so I met to get a feel for him and see if I wanted him to shoot my new headshots. It looks like we will be doing a shoot first or second week in Dec. I hope to get some great new headshots from him. Take a min and look at his site. But you can't schedule him till I'm done. :-)

November 22, 2007
Happy Turkey Day. Today we went over the house of our new friends Doug and Patty and spent the day w/ them and there kids Emily, Ben (who is leaving for the Corps in a few days), and Aaron. Later Patty's brother Vic and Gina (other great friends) and all their boys came over. I was a little worried about how I would like it, mind you I really like these guys, but I have never had T-day w/ any one other than family. IT WAS GREAT!!!!

November 20, 2007
Drive home w/ Dave... He did a great job as a Derik Jeter fan. Congrats Dave. He shared an idea he has for a film w/ me and I have to say it is a really great idea. Possibly more to come later.

November 19, 2007
Gatorade commercial shoot. This was at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh PA, where the Pittsburgh Penguins play. I have spent SOOOOO many nights in that place; it was called the Civic Arena back then. Back in high school, my best friend (Mike McGuire) and I would go to as many Pens games as we could. His dad had season tickets and every time Mr. M was out of town I went. It was great to be back in that building again.

Ok so I was there for the NASCAR spot, they were shooting 5 different sports. Basically we had to act like it was the final turn of the race and Jimmy Johnson (Lowes driver) was just passing someone and just makes it by them to win the race. So suspense then happiness for winning the race. The director set up the two principals, one in the front row, they other in the second just off the firsts shoulder, then me just off the seconds shoulder. They did a number of isolated shoots on those two then a few on two ladies, then we were done. I have to be honest, I was a little irritated, because I have been doing this long enough and I knew the odds were slim to be upgraed on the set, but I decided to come anyway because the director "really" wanted me to be there. Anyway, after a few minutes I was ok and I saw the play back from one of the girls and I'm right on her shoulder and you can tell it's me. So it all depends on how the cut down the spot. So I'm on my knees praying...

November 18, 2007
So Dave, the guy who I drove up to Pittsburgh with who was also put on hold booked a principle part as a baseball fan!!! I picked him up today and we hit the road. The production company got us hotel rooms because we are coming in from out of town.

November 18, 2007
Drive to Pittsburgh w/ my new friend Dave Cherrington. It was a good time to get to know another actor who is striving as hard as he can to succeed. Booking a national commercial is a great start.

November 17, 2007
Ok after much thought and pressure from Donna and Karen and Rick, I decided to accept working on the Gatorade commercial and a special extra (not sure what that means). I really hope that I get upgraded. Which may happen.

November 16, 2007
Audition @ Heery Casting for the Lifetime pilot The Verdict. The audition was with the director and I’m guessing the producer, but I’m not sure. Diane took me in the room and the director Mark Piznarski and talked a little about where I was from and he told me a little about my character (I read for the role of Meyer). The sides I got were about 8 pages w/ 3 solid pages of a monolog. Meyer is the defense lawyer of the main girl and I didn't have anytime yesterday to work on the lines so I drove like a madman so I would have some time to prepare. And I did just that I really worked on the monolog only to have Diane tell me I going to do everything but the monolog... AHHHHH... anyway I did the three other scenes – all good scenes w/ three different levels – and the Director gave me some direction and I adjusted and did the scenes… It felt good. We will see.

A funny story, when we got home and I stopped to fill up my gas tank to see how much the boys needed to pay for gas there was a lady there who had locked her keys in her car. So Actors to the rescue. I keep looking around waiting for a grip to bring the keys over and unlock the door... but it never happened. After much hard work Angelo and I popped the lock.

November 16, 2007
Didn't book the Gatorade spot as a principle but have been asked to do it as an extra. I don’t do extra work… ARGH.

November 15, 2007
Ok... got my sides for the Lifetime pilot audition today and went online to do a little research. And this is what I have learned. The name of the show is The Verdict and the Hollywood Reporter describes it as the "crime of the century" trial of a beloved pop star who has been accused of having her lover murdered. The pop star is being played by Robin Givens and the DA is being played by Madchen Amick. I am auditioning for the lead defense attorney David Meyer. I have read the sides and spent a good deal researching this project online and it looks like a great show. It is being produced by Jonathan Price who produces the new show Cane and many other things (check IMDB). And The Verdict pilot is being directed by Mark Piznarski who has a long list of shows he has directed. Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars, NYPD Blue, American Dreams, Everwood... to name a few.

I'm looking forward to meeting Mark tomorrow, but I have got A LOT of dialogue to look over and ZERO time today to do it... lastly a shout out to Justin Tully and Angelo Reyes who both got callbacks for this project too. We will all be riding to Philly together in the morning.

November 15, 2007
Just got a call from Karen @ ATA, I have been put on first right of refusal for the Gatorade spot, as has Dave. Me for Jimmy Johnson and Dave for a Miami Heat basketball player. A prayer from everyone would be nice. :-)

November 14, 2007
Call back @ Donna Belajac's for the Gatorade commercial. I rode up to the 'burgh w/ a local actor named Dave Cherrington. He was a great guy and we had a good trip...
I was called back to be a fan of Jimmy Johnson(NASCAR). When I got to Donna's I walked in and there was Jocelyn, a girl who I had meet at the wrap party for The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. So we caught up, I learned she has been on tour for a good bit taking trips to do shows that are about 6 hours out of PGH, it was nice to see her... then when I was called in to audition, so was she, they took us in as groups of four. It worked out great cause we acted off of each other. I think it went well, I really liked the director and his direction was easy to follow, I fell I made good choices, we will see.

November 14, 2007
Coming back on the PA turnpike I get a call from Karen @ Atlantic Talent Agency (agent who submitted me to Donna) – Dave and I thought – holly cow did I book it all ready, but no, that wasn't it... But it was good news, she proceeded to tell me that she has sent a group of folks up to Heery Casting to read for a pilot to be aired on Lifetime. And she had just got the callback list from Diane and my name was on the list... Hum...I didn't audition, but I have to go to the callback w/ the Director. Yippee.

November 8, 2007
Audition @ Donna Belajac's for a Gatorade commercial. This was a good read for a fun spot. I drove up to Pgh last night and crashed in the house I own (still - No it HASN'T sold yet) in Shaler Township. I got in around 6 am, rolled out my sleeping bag on the second floor and crashed for a few hours till the Gas guy came and turned on the gas.

The audition went well, it was all about reaction – anticipation of a great play "your Team" is going to make - then your team actually making that great play. It was funny cause I was paired w/ Eric Richardson who was one of the leads in a film I worked on last year for my friend Nitin called Prayer Life

October 24, 2007
Audition at MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] for a car dealership in Maryland. I was partnered w/ a good friend and great actor Jayce O'Neal. The audition went well... we will see.

October 22, 2007
Great news. My GE commercial just got some legs. They bought 2000 units for cable. A good friend of mine called me cause he saw it on Discovery.

October 21, 2007
If I were to say that I have been dead in the water for awhile would be the under statement of my whole acting journey. Since my last post I have only been on a few auditions. And I have missed a few too. The timing for this lull is pretty good though. I have been kinda buzy in my day job... But enough is enough. Time for me to get back in the game. I’m going to do a mailer to everyone so they remember who I am.

July 31, 2007
Audition @ Mike Lemon Casting for the film Baton.

July 31, 2007
Shoot ESPN Monday Night Football Promo at FedEx Field where the Washington Redskins play. What a Ball!!! When I was a kid playing football all I ever dreamed about was putting on my gear and running out onto a pro field. I got to do this tonight. Granted I'm not a member of the NFL, but I got to pretend for a few hours. I got to put on the pads of Casey Rabach, the center for the Redskins. It was fun - the only way it could have been better is if I was at Heinz Field in a Steelers jersey. So watch ESPN and see if you catch the Redskins coming down the ramp into the big inflated helmet getting ready to hit the field and look for # 61 - RABACH, that’s me. Click here for pictures.

July 30, 2007
Just got a call from Betsy Royall Casting, I have been put on first right of refusal for the ESPN promo spot!!!!

July 27, 2007
Audition today at Betsy Royall Casting for an ESPN Monday night football commercial. I took my friend Kwame Rakes with me to the audition. They were looking for large football types, and we both fit. So we get there for the read and Scott is vacuuming for me, which I thought was really nice, but I told him he didn't have to - but he missed a spot right by the chair... Any way the read went ok... They had me and Kwame head into the room together, then Betsy shut the door and Scott looks at us and says... Ok take your shirts off. SAY WHAT!!!! So we did then had to go crazy like we just scored a touchdown. It was fun, we’ll see.

July 26, 2007
So I get contacted this morning about an audition in Baltimore, so I head out the door with only about 20 minutes of slop time. (i.e. traffic). I get about 25 minutes down the road and come to a complete STOP!!!!! AAAAHHHHH So I call Betsy at Betsy Royall Casting and she lets me know that I could come tomorrow... Lucky me.

July 23, 2007
Audition @ Heery Casting for Peter Jackson's next film called The Lovely Bones based on the book by Alice Sebold. This is a really great story; Diane called me on Friday and suggested I read the book. I'm 3/4 through it and I like it. I auditioned for the role of Mr. Connors; he is the father of a good friend of the main character, a teenage girl who is murdered. I think the read went well, we will see. Diane said she was posting it on the web for the production to see in New Zealand. Cross them fingers while I pray.

July 11, 2007
Call back @ Stilwell Casting for Georgia Lottery commercial. This went very well. They were great their, it went well and I had them laughing... Cross them fingers.

This morning was CRAZY!!! My call back was at 3:30 today. My flight out of Atlanta was at 5:45. My brother lives a solid 40 minutes from the airport in normal traffic, not rush hour. Stilwell Casting is only about 15 miles from the airport. My brother couldn't get out of work, so I needed to get a car, so I woke this morning and got on the phone. I went online and found a great price at enterprise so I booked the car, then called the office for pickup. They wanted and extra $75 to drop the car at a different location. WHAT. So I called hertz, paid about 8 dollars more to rent the car and NO DROP fee. Playing phone tag with everyone all morning made me almost miss my call back. I got the car and left – no time to spare. After the call back I drove like a madman to get back to the airport. I got to the airport and I was late... I practically did an OJ Simpson and just about started running to get the shuttle from the rental car lot to the terminal. And then for the first time in my life I was really happy to see a flight delayed about an hour. PHEW. Made it home ok... OK whats next? Mystie, your awesome!

July 10, 2007
What a day today was... phew!!! So I’m in Atlanta staying with my brother and we were up all night just catching up, we figured it has been about 2 years since we have seen each other.

Now the important stuff. If I forget to blog this later, I have to tell you something very important. This lady right here --------> Mystie Buice is awesome!!! If you looking to work in the Atlanta Market or where ever else she covers you need to contact her at Houghton Talent right now. As I typed a few days ago, she sent me an email about a feature audition so I decided to head to the great peach state (where ever other road is called peachtree). What I didn’t tell you was that she said she would try and get me some other auditions. And boy did she. Yeee Freaking HAAA.

Ok first read – the feature @ 1130. My brother heads off to work and I spend a little time getting ready (i.e. read that to mean go back to bed and sleep) I head out and get to the audition. It is a great read, and the director is there with two producers. It was for a good ‘ole red-neck. It was a fun read, not my best but I hope he liked, then he gave me another part to read for that went well. Thinking about it I did do pretty good on the first part toward the end. There is a scene we my guy – Bo – has a friend move a life sized Charlton Hesston “Moses himself” into the guys back yard. That scene felt pretty good. Either way it was an ok read. Cross them fingers.

Guess what – another audition with Stilwell Casting. This was for a GA Lotto spot. I had to be there at 130pm so I had some time to kill – Lunch anyone? But first I had to hit a UPS store to get to my email and print out my sides for the next audition. (I’ll get to that in a second) So I get to Stilwell and there is nothing but little kids and moms... I was scared, did I make a mistake???? I talk to the session runner and I just at the wrong place. Since they were running two castings at the same time, they use a hotel right next door. So I relocate, sign in, and say. Hum, what is this spot about??? I take a look at the story boards and head in and a great guy is running the camera and acting off me. He was great, gave me stuff to work with. This went great and when I was leaving I didn’t something I have never done before. I asked him how I did and if he thought I would get a call back... (pause for effect) NEVER do this. But I had a justifiable reason. I told him, I was so sorry to ask, but he just told me the callbacks were tomorrow. Hum problem, I’m on a plane in about 4 hours. But he was great and said I did a good job... hum what to do... Go to the next audition. Did I tell you I LOVE Mystie!!!!!!

Audition @ Houghton Talent for Prison Break. And this was for another Great role. Prison Break shoots in Texas, but Mystie gets the breakdowns regularly and this is a big deal that there was a part I fit. This season most of the cast is Hispanic. Anyway the part was for the role of Wyatt and he is most likely re-occurring. For this episode he is spread throughout the whole script. Matt at Houghton put me on tape and I feel really good about this. I think I nailed this one!!!! Cross them fingers and toes!!!

July 9, 2007
Ok, so Mystie from Houghton and I talked and I heading to GA right now. I jump on my plane and head to Atlanta. Great flight, got in and made dinner for my brother Scott and me. Chicken and rice.

July 6, 2007
Got and email today from Mystie Buice from Houghton Talent about an audition for a feature in Georgia called Good Intentions. I read the script and I really like it and the part looks great, I think I might head down to Atlanta to read for the part. Mystie said I could put it on tape, but I prefer to do it in person.

July 5, 2007
Read for Diane Heery today. It was a good audition, I think it went well, it was for the owner of a Diner where the main dude stops in. I can’t say anything else. Non- discloser and all. Keep them fingers crossed, I would love to work on this bugger.

July 3, 2007
Ok so I did something that I never do. Last night I worked as an extra for a national Circuit City commercial. Shelly from MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] emailed me about working as an extra for the spot a few days ago, but I wasn’t planning doing it. I have made the choice no to do any extra work while building my career, but I called on of my buddies in NYC and he said DO IT. He worked on a couple of commercials as an extra and was upgraded and national spot pay to good to miss. Plus since it was overnight they were paying above scale which is more during the night anyway. Well I’m glad I went, met some great folks and actually had a good time.

July 3, 2007
So I have some great news... I just got a call from Heery Casting to come in and audition on for M. Night Shyamalan's next film staring Mark Wahlberg called The Happening. This is for the film I missed the audition on the 18th,but it seems I’m lucky.

June 28, 2007
Got a call yesterday from Rodney Robb from Baby Boomers Talent Management for an audition for an espn spot in philly today. I started out but my stupid car didn’t agree. Argh... This is the first time more than I can remember that I got a call from Baby Boomers.

June 26, 2007
I got in around four or five this morning. I brought my nephews Josh and Jessy with me to visit with us for about 10 days.

June 25, 2007
So around 2am last night I jumped in my truck and drove to Pittsburgh. I bought a house there and I needed to do some yard work on it cause I REALLY NEED IT TO SELL!!!! So Tanner and I – my son – drove there and did the work only to get back on the road tonight around 6pm.

June 23, 2007
Got home from California – not my normal trip... I have nothing to report, not crazy folks, nothing but flying.

June 17, 2007
Jumped on a plane today to head to California and of course I’m missing a great audition.

June 15, 2007
I just got a call from Heery Casting to come in and audition on Monday for M. Night Shyamalan's next film staring Mark Wahlberg called The Happening. But of course, I'm not going to be in town. AHHHHH I'm flying out to San Diego on Sunday. Lucky Me.

June 12, 2007
Wake, ride the Alpine Slide, have lunch, get on the road then sit on the PA Turnpike 2 miles outside yet another tunnel cause a tractor Trailer flipped coming out of the exit. 3.5 hours later – yes three and a half hours – we start moving. Good thing I got on the road early. Didn't get home till midnight.

June 11, 2007
Nice little weekend visiting with family. My sister-in-law got two new horses and the kids loved them. And on Monday I took the family to the Pittsburgh Zoo. It was very nice, but no San Diego Zoo. (I think I'm going to hit that next week) So after a long day we hit the rode to head home and end up sitting on the parkway outside of Pittsburgh, cause some idiot had an accident in on of the tunnels. AHHH about 2.5 hours later when I finally make it thru the tunnel I had Terri call this place called 7 Springs which is a ski resort in PA to get us a hotel for the night. See 7 Springs has this thing called the Alpine slide, which is a half tube that goes down the side of the mountain and you ride in a little cart – Fun. So the kids got to have some more fun.

June 8, 2007
Shoot the Industrial today about Diabetes. It was to train health care providers on how they talk with and handle patients. I had about 5 or 6 pages of dialogue all with a prompter. Yeah! The director Samantha Cheng, who is co-owner of the DC company Television Production Services, Inc. (TPS), was a trip. When I got there they were 45 minutes behind schedule, so there wasn't any time for pleasantries. When she came out and saw me she basically Freaked! You Shaved, she yelled. I told her I didn't have a chose, I had to because of the commercial I shot the day prior. She said yes I know, but you weren't to shave - AHHHHH - then looked at the make-up lady and said, make him look bad – which she did. When I was finally up, they had a set ready to go that looked like a basic doctors office and the lady who was playing the health care provider was there waiting for me. When I stepped on set Samantha walked over to me and said, you're going to get this in one take right, and of-course I said yes. (In spite of the fact I only got the script, all 6 pages, only 20 earlier – but no need to worry I have a teleprompter) Then she said the magic words that I love to hear – you don't have to get the script verbatim, just make sure you get across the point in your dialogue. YEA HA!!!! They ask me what I want to change for the teleprompter and I say they didn't need to change anything I was good to go. I jump up on the set and we roll. Don't know if you have ever done prompter work before but you can't look at the person your talking to. You talk to the screen. How fun. When we finished the director came over and say THANKS, I'm now 30 minutes ahead of schedule. I got it in one take. It really makes you feel good when you can have such a great experience.

June 8, 2007
Because I was done so fast, I was able to spend a few hours playing with the kids in the hotel pool before we got on the rode to Pittsburgh. I had to check on the house I have for sale up there.

June 7, 2007
So last night I get a call from Mandy asking me not to shave, it seems that they want a scruffy redneck for the shoot on Friday... AHHHH, see the thing is, I just did the photo shoot for Cox Communications yesterday and well I was clean shaven. So told Mandy I would try to not shave. I had not shaved since Monday. So what I did, when I got up this morning I used my electric clippers and trimmed my scruffy face as short as I could and headed out to the commercial shoot.

A side note. It seems they recast the girl who played my daughter, so I'm hoping that since we have to reshoot the entire photo shoot maybe I can get away with the unshaved face. So I get to the location and walk into make-up and the make-up lady freaks... YOU DIDN'T SHAVE THIS MORNING, and I was like nope, but hey it shouldn't matter you can hardly see it. Well she went and to the lady who had the final say. I had to shave. However, I came prepared and had my stuff to shave. I had to try. Anyway my new daughter was just as great as my old daughter. We clicked very well and I think the commercial is going to be FUNNY. I will try and get a copy and post it.

June 7, 2007
Grabbed the family and headed to DC last night and got a hotel with a pool for the kids to play in while I work tomorrow.

June 6, 2007
How Funny!!!! Mandy just called me and was laughing her bottom off. It seems for the industrial on Friday they want me to be a construction worker, which I already knew. But Mandy just called to let me know they wanted a "Red Neck" construction worker, and she thought that was too funny. I told her to stop type casting me. :-)

June 6, 2007
Ok... WOW... the last time I updated this blog was on May 1st. It would be an understatement to say that my life has been crazy. I have some great friends who have been emailing me and calling asking if everything was ok, because they check this blog and I have been neglecting it. Well I hope things are calming down enough that I can get back on the wagon and keep this thing current. Also, it is a good exercise for me because it forces me to really look at what I'm doing and make sure I'm working in the right direction for my career. So thank you to my all friends ( Frank to name one) who reminded me to get back on this blog.

June 5, 2007
Just got the call from Mandy at Central and I'm no longer on hold for the industrial. I have been booked to work this Friday. Yeah for me. I swear it has been dead and now I'm getting swamped. I didn't blog this, but in the last few weeks Greer Lange has called me for a few different auditions I couldn't make. Like this Thursday I'm shooting the commercial for Cox and I was wanted in Philly for a look-see for a pretzel company print ad. Print work... Still funny to me. I watch America's Next Top Model... and I haven't seen me on that show.

June 4, 2007
Photo shoot today for Cox Communications. I had a ball, the photographer was named Eckerd. I just spent the whole time being really happy because my team just scored a touchdown. No I was wearing Redskins colors, but what they all didn’t know was I was really cheers for the Steelers... HA I showed them!!

June 1, 2007
Just got a call today from Mandy at Central Casting, I've been put on hold for an industrial shoot for Diabetes.

May 31, 2007
Just got the call I booked the Cox commercial. I guess they liked me.

May 29, 2007
Audition for Cox. This was a fun audition. Dave Haycox is the director and he is a great guy I have worked with before and he is very good. It was in a conference room at Cox with all the folks from Cox there. Strike one for Keith... I was late, not a little late, but about 40 minutes late. A little advice, when you print directions to an audition, make sure you take them with you. If you don't take them with you, make sure you read them on the screen and remember them, then you won't be late like me. Any how the audition went very well, in-spite of myself. I had a ball, I was playing a dad who uses satellite for tv and my daughter is trying to tell me I need to switch to Cox Cable. Well when – in the middle of the game – I lose the satellite signal my daughter saves the day. FUN!

May 28, 2007

May 1 – May 28 Spent a week in San Diego. Missed a bunch of auditions. My episode of One Tree Hill aired. I’m working on getting some footage to put up on the site here. And a bunch of other personal busy life stuff.

May 21, 2007
It seems that I always have the best stories when I travel. Well my latest trip to California was no different, cept this time it happened at the airport, not on the plane. In Atlanta I was in the food court grabbing some breakfast in route to CA. Now if you haven’t been there, there aren't enough seats for a busy Monday morning when all the business travelers are bouncing around the country. So there I sit at a table meant for 4 eating breakfast and this big ole dude sits at my table. At first he kept to himself, but I figured, you sat at my table – So I get to talk to you. It turns out he is the head pastor of this huge church in Tucson Arizona. He was a great guy and had some great stories.

May 1, 2007
It has been SLOW. Things just seem to have come to screeching halt. But it is ok - it's just the calm before the storm. It has given me time to focus on some other things. I'm working my butt off on my reel, I ordered postcards to send out for next weeks One Tree Hill that I'm in. It Gets the Worse at Night and I was out of headshots so I ordered about 100 more to hold me off till I get new shots taken. That was the other thing I have been doing - researching headshot "takers".

The other thing I have been doing is preproduction work on a short film I am directing. It is called The Note and I'm putting together my team right now to make it happen.

April 25, 2007
Today was the final day working on the Multi camera project - which was finally named Sounds Like Us. It was a good time and I enjoyed working with everyone. They are going to try and edit it down and post it on the website ReelGoodTV. when it is posted I will post it here and let everyone know.

April 18, 2007
Multi camera.

April 17, 2007
In DC for my Day Job.

April 16, 2007
Audition @ MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] for a TLC online game. I gave TJ a ride up. Not my best audition, but it was nice to see Stacie, been to long.

April 12, 2007
Today I stopped by a class that Karen @ Atlantic Talent Agency was teaching to pick up a check and she asked me to talk to her class for a few minutes about marketing. It was kinda cool to share some of the things with her students that I have done to make my career come as far as it has in a short period of time.

April 11, 2007
Another day on the multi camera. Today my man Terry Jernigan was there, but my other friend Kera O'Bryon wasn't. I wonder if we will every all be there?

April 4, 2007
Ok, so today was the first day on the Multi camera. My buddy TJ couldn't be there today. It was his first anniversary and he and his lovely wife are out of town. But I was surprised to see another friend of mine there, Kera O'Bryon whom I have worked with a number of times. It went ok today. I will have more next week.

April 3, 2007
I'm sitting at home and I get a call from a friend saying he saw my national GE spot. So I dig, and sure enough it is running. First they launched it in Cincinnati and Erie, followed by Albany, Lexington Kentucky, Washington DC and NYC. So keep your eyes open. But if you don't live in those markets here it is below with a "Making Of" the spot following the commercial. If you watch closely I'm playing the drums for about 4 seconds right as the singers stop singing.

April 2, 2007
It looks like my episode of One Tree Hill It Gets the Worse at Night will air May 9th. I'm sure this is subject to change seeing how it already changed once.

March 30, 2007
Speaking of fun. I always talk about my great flights from here to there and the great seat partners I have had. Well I wish I could say the same today. I caught the red eye home from San Diego last night and it was the trip from BEEP!!!! I normally sit in first class because I fly so much that is just how it works out. Well last night the plane was booked to about 120%. Which ment when I tried to get a seat in the front of the plan there weren't any seats. Not a big deal I'm not above sitting in coach... that was until I started down the aisle and there in the seat next to mine was the biggest man I have ever seen on a plane. AHHHHHHHHH I'm not a small guy but I fit between the armrests, he did not. His bottom was taking up a little over 1/4 of my seat. It was so bad, I spent over 2 hours standing in the back of the plane. Even when the pilot put on the seatbelt sign and asked folks to take there seat, the flight attendants told me I could stay standing. So I finally have a bad flight story. (I hope it is my last)

March 29, 2007
I played golf today. Wow do I miss doing that. I need to make more time for fun.

March 28, 2007
Ok, so a little more about One Tree Hill. I think I could fill a few pages with stuff about this day... but I won't, just some stuff... First my cell mates where (click for pic) Raymond Shepard, Bradon Odell, Garylord Parsons. And the guard at the jail was Mark Jeffrey Miller. We worked a really long day. My character, Conrad, was awesome. He had a full emotional arch. When Mouth is first brought into the cell I'm a real Bad @SS, but he wins me over and I become his protector / friend. Then later when Sophia Bush, who plays Brooke and Hilarie Burton, who plays Peyton show up to "rescue" Mouth, who is played by Lee Norris, Conrad becomes very emotional in talking to Payton because we share something in common. Then to end the scene I revert back to my normal self and share some words with Brooke. Very fun.

March 27, 2007
Got a call today from Modelogic for an audition tomorrow, but I'm in San Diego for the week with my day job.

March 26, 2007
Booked the Regent sitcom. I'm playing a DJ in the WKRP in Cincinnati'ish show. They are going to be short 5 min episodes that will show on the universities website, ReelGoodTV I look forward to working on this... I finally get to work with one of my best friends Terry Jernigan. TJ and I worked together in the first film I ever did called, Moving. This will be the first that we share scenes.

March 23, 2007
If you happen to be a person who visits my blog regularly (thanks for stopping by) you may have noticed I have been way behind on keeping this thing updated. Well it is because I have been slammed with my day job. I have what is by far one of the best day jobs ever! I truly have complete freedom to come and go as I please, except when I have a student to teach. Well I've had one for the last 3 weeks. And one a few weeks prior to that, so I have been doing a very poor job of keeping this blog current. I will try and do better. Next week I'm in San Diego for the day job.

March 19, 2007
Audition at Pat Moran's for National Treasure II. I was really glad to get this call. I read for this film a few weeks ago and the audition went really well and Pat had some great things to say. But I didn't get either role so I kinda just forgot about NT2. Well I get an email from Meg (Pat's new right hand) that she keeps trying to call but my toll free number wasn't working and Pat wanted me to come in and audition for another part. It seems that there was a part they were having trouble casting so they brought me in to read for it... It was a really fun part. It was for a historian who has words with Nick Cage. Keep them fingers crossed.

March 16, 2007
I had a meeting / audition for a multi camera sitcom being done by Joshua Mims at Regent University. I'm very interested in this because it is something I haven't yet done.

March 12, 2007
Got an email today from one of the writer from the GE commercial I did in Dec. It seems he his doing a spec commercial to pitch for the FedEx Cup for the PGA. They are looking to do three spots all with the same theme and they have asked me to be in two... They are very funny... more to follow.

March 9, 2007
Audition at Donna Belajac's for Kill Pit spike tv's pilot today. This was not my best audition. Kill Pit is a show that Spike has been working on putting together for some time now and they keep changing the parts. Poor Donna has been put through the ringer, changing parts, eliminating characters. I was originally set to read for a person that fit me perfect, but it didn't happen... When I finally got the call to go in for the read I was unprepared. I only read the least I needed for the part, and my take on him was way off... When Donna and I did the rehearsal, she had a look of pain on her face. She gave me direction and I redid it... and when we put it on tape I did ok, but not my best. Not expecting a callback on this one.

February 22, 2007
Ok... so I didn't go to the audition for the ABC pilot today... when I got the email with the sides and the dates of the production, I saw that I had a direct conflict that could not be changed... So I missed this one.

February 21, 2007
Just got a call from Kelly at Atlantic Talent Agency. I have an audition at the Fincannon's tomorrow for a new ABC pilot called Family Julep.

February 20, 2007
Audition @ Pat Moran's for National Treasure II. This went GREAT!!! When I was called on Friday I was to read for a tow truck driver. But I got there Pat came out and told me she wanted me to read for two parts, the original and now a tracker trailer driver. So I grab my sides and look them over... these are pretty easy roles and I have to say my look from One Tree Hill is spot on... So after getting my choices down and adding words to make the sides more personal I was ready to go... Finally after a few minutes I'm up, Pat calls me in. We rehearse the scene... Megan is running the camera and reading opposite of me. After the first read Pat gives me some direction and I take it. I slate and do my thing... Then we do the same thing for the second. When I finish Pat asks me if I have been in to read for The Wire a show she casts for HBO, and I said the start of two seasons ago I was up for a recurring role throughout the season and I read for the producers and the directors of episode 1 and 2... I told her they loved me and everyone one in the room assumed I had the part, only to have her (Pat) call me couple of days later and let me know they went with a NYC actor cause I was to tall... after I told this story she looked at me and said... Well that was their lose... and she said some other really GREAT stuff... one my way out she told me she would see me soon, cause she was going to have me audition for The Wire this season...

February 15, 2007
Worked on One Tree Hill. The day started nice and early. My pickup time was 7:30am - I know that nobody in the entertainment industry understands the concept of sleeping in... I jump in the van and meet my other cell mates for the day then head to Studio Gem. Get there; get my room in the honey wagon and the process starts. Order Breakfast (French toast and sausage), paper work dropped off, wardrobe brought to the trailer, make up and hair, (didn't need either - powder on set and I was wearing a red bandana), pretty soon the PA comes and gets us, we need to rehearse the first sceen. I jump in the van and meet Lee Norris who plays Mouth and who I spend most of the day working with. Great guy!!!! More to follow soon...

February 14, 2007
I'm here staying at the Hilton at Riverside in Wilmington NC... very nice room turns out they didn't have to go to cover, the weather cleared up some time through the night... It was nasty here yesterday.

I went to the studio (Pic here) and had a fitting. Then walked over to the Fincannon's to let them know I would be coming in at 3:15 for my audition.

Audition @ the Fincannon's for Ben Stiller's film The Marc Pease Experience. I was a write in since they didn't know what day I was shooting on One Tree Hill. So when I got there Kelley signed me in then added my name to her list... But Craig Fincannon's list didn't get updated... So I sat there for just under an hour waiting to go in... I think he Craig saw about 10 folks then he looked at me and asked... You have been sitting there awhile, what time was your call???? I told him, and he said can't be... then he remembered when I was coming in wasn't decided and depended on OTH going to cover or not... Craig was great, very apologetic... even made a funny joke about how he had to make sure I got a part in the film now... I was reading for Mr. Edwards the English Lit teacher. (ok everyone laugh now - if you have spent any time reading this blog you know I'm no English teacher) So when we walked into the room he told me that Lisa Mae had told him I'm a great actor... phew... Thanks Lisa. So we rehearsed the scene and then put it on tape. I think it went well, but you never know... keep them fingers crossed.

February 13, 2007
So I'm sitting here today busting my butt taking care of some things for my day job knowing that I will be leaving for Wilmington tomorrow to work on One Tree Hill, and I get a call from OTH production asking me to leave now and come to town... They might need to go to the cover schedule because of weather... AHHHH ok Thank GOD I have the best day job ever... I go into my boss Kurt's office and let him know... he said ok no problem I just needed to get him a picture of Brooke.

So I put my laptop in my bag, grab some things and head home to pack.

In route to NC I got a call from Karen @ Atlantic Talent Agency. I have an audition for Ben Stiller's new film The Marc Pease Experience. Which ever day I don't film I need to go into the Fincannons and read for this film.

February 7, 2007
Just got the call. Booked One Tree Hill. Shooting next week... more to follow...

February 3, 2007
Shot with Steven Peak of Auroris Media Inc. This was really cool, in and out. They are doing a really cool piece to start off the local Addy's. I don't want to get into the them till the Addy's happen... more later... good shoot...

February 1, 2007
Callback @ Fincannon Casting tomorrow for One Tree Hill. I felt really good about this part... I really seemed to get Conrad and it is a part that has a chance to show a range of personality. So I get to Fincannon's and I walk in the front door and the young lady behind the counter looks at me and has a look cross her face that isn't very flattering to me... I guess I looked pretty scary. I have a very hairy goatee and about 5 to 6 days worth of beard growth everywhere else. I was wearing a very beat-up jean jacket, old faded jeans and a red bandana. (hum... I guess I was kinda scary) Anyway she looks at me and very carefully asked if I needed help? To which I answered, I was there to see Lisa... and she was ahhh... Lisa Fincannon. Yep I said and told her I was going to the little boy's room and I just walked away. At this point I think she was unsure what to do... call the cops or the janitor or just ask Lisa who this Keith Michael Gregory was...

So I come out my new friend looks much more relaxed and hands me the sides. Shannon comes out and hey there Mr. Three first names. (When I slated I said that) Anyway I look at the side to make sure there hadn't been any changes since Karen put me on tape. At that point I started to look around and realized there wasn't anyone else there. Hum???? I asked my new friend where the sign in sheet was and she just gave me a puzzled look... So it seemed I was alone... A few minutes later Shannon comes out with a sign sheet and has me sign in and my new friend asks if she should start getting ready for more actors, and Shannon responded Nope Keith is it... (WHAT!!!!!) I was the only person there for the call back... that has to be a good sign!!! (Although later I figured that maybe they did other folks on a different day...)

So I'm waiting and I look up and see two guys sneak in through the back door that is attached to the lot. I few minutes later Lisa Fincannon comes out to ask if I'm ready and we chat for a second then she says ok lets go... So I walk in and sitting there is Gregory Prange director and producer of numerous episodes of One Tree Hill and Joe Davola who has been the executive producer of numerous episode too. And the both have many credits on there resumes. Whoorahhh!!!! So here we go, they thank me for coming. (there was a bit of a storm blowing threw so I had to drive through snow, sleet, hammering rain and other crap to get there) We talked a little about the weather and oddly Pittsburgh. They were just there scouting locations - just outside of the burgh...

After a few min Lisa asked if they wanted to give me any direction or for me just to go at it... They said, go for it... I had about 6 pages and Lisa and I made sure we were starting at the same place, then I asked Greg and Joe a question about where the character learned some information, because it was very important to how a specific line is delivered. I got the question and Lisa and I did it. As I was reading I could see the gents and they seemed happy... I finished and looked over and they seemed happy. I was told they really liked my choices, I had added a line or two to make some of it more personal and changed to order of the last lines too. My direction was – in one scene Conrad (who is a prisoner) exposes a softer said when he is talking to Payton and when I read those lines I softened my self... but what they didn't like was I softened my voice thus dropping the tuff hard character I established in the earlier scenes... So they had me redo that scene keeping my character voice. When I finished they were very happy... we spent a few minutes talking about the scene and how they planned to shoot it... and at one point I was told I looked just like Conrad should... I was told by Joe Davola "Look at you, you would scare kids just by walking into a store." Anyway, I left and had a big smile on my face. I feel great about this one... My fingers are crossed.

January 31, 2007
Just got a call from Karen at Atlantic Talent. Callback at Fincannon Casting tomorrow for One Tree Hill.

January 30, 2007
Got a call today from Steven Peak of Auroris Media Inc. He has been contacted to put together a intro for local Addy awards, and asked if I would work on it. So I agreed and Saturday I will do a quick scene for Steven.

January 29, 2007
Audition with Karen from Atlantic Talent for the show One Tree Hill. Karen put me on tape and is sending the tape to Lisa Fincannon in Wilmington. They are so swamped there they wanted agents to drop folks on tape then consolidate and show the reads to the director.
What a GREAT role! If you have seen the show, the scenes are with Mouth, played by Lee Noris. From his pictures you can see he isn't a big guy... well take a minute and look at me... I am big. Anyway I read for a Dude named Conrad who is in jail with Mouth... Some Great scenes... I felt pretty good about the read. We'll see. keep them fingers crossed.

On a side note, there were a few folks there when Karen was taping... I guy who I met many years ago when I did 1776 with the Virginia Musical Theatre Nick Ventura, and a new guy I just met, Ethan Marten.

January 25, 2007
Very interesting day today. I had two auditions today. One for the feature based on Steven King's short story The Mist which is rumored to have hooked Kathy Bates. Second is a film called Bolden which is a period piece around the time black Jazz artist's were starting to make it into white clubs...

The Mist. I read for a Biker... I LOVE THIS PART!!!!I came in and I really think I nailed this read. My agent Karen was very happy about how I did... Some of the great things about this role... I go at it with the part that Kathy Bates might be playing and I will be a few months of work!!!!!

BoldenThis read went well... Kelley Davis , who works for Karen put me on tape for this piece. It is primarily a black cast, but there are a few day player roles for me... I read for two different dudes... we'll see... keep them fingers crossed.

January 6, 2007
A little note on the previous post... When I got to the call back I got into a little discussion with the session runner... He came over to me and was just looking at me laughing and shaking his head... I don't remember his name, but he was an extra on the first GE shoot and he has helped Donna before... When I asked what he was laughing about he told me that he and Donna had been talking about me that morning... He said it was funny cause Donna had originally thought I shouldn't have been aloud to audition for the second spot, but she was thrilled that I talked to the producer and got permission... then here I was at the call back... He said that Donna made some comment about how I was taking control of my career. And I said, your Damn right I am...
If we don't take charge of our own acting careers, who will??? Our agents have more than one actor they are trying to get work for. So we have to be our own hardest workers. My Thought for the Day.

January 5, 2007
Call backs with Donna Belajac, the call backs are a video conference with the director in LA and the add company BBDO in New York. So Donna uses the place right by here office. I get there and I'm number six to go in and they were doing the same thing as they did in the initial audition... Three at a time. So I go in with my guys and we do it once... Rocky gives some direction and we do it a second time. After that second time, Rocky talks to me and gives me direction personally and we do it again... and I'm watching the monitor from the side of my eye and I can see that the camera guy is just focused on me. So we finish the song and Rocky thanks us and I'm on my way... I go and signed out and saw some folks who were extra's on the first shoot and hung out with them for a few minutes and BS'd... After about 15 min I hit the road... When I'm about 10 away I get a call from the session runner... Rocky wanted me to come back. WHAT!!!! Like I have said before Pittsburgh is a city that is surrounded by tunnels and hills... and the call back was later in the day and rush hour - on a Friday none-the-less – was just getting started... So when I get the call I'm already thru a tunnel and have to jump off the next exit and head back into the city... PHEW... I made it back in about 12 min... So I go in and find out that Rocky asked 4 dudes to come back and do the song alone... I'm third in... In the room, Rocky thanks me for rushing back and he makes sure I understand his direction from before and I attack it... I fell really good about the job I did... When I was done, Rocky thanked me again and I walked out with Donna then headed out.

January 2, 2007
I'm still in Pittsburgh... I bought a house here and had my live long friend Don Gawne but a huge addition on it and now I'm getting it ready to sell... Just doing little things the realtor wants done prior to putting it on the market.

Got a call... I have a call back for the GE locomotive commercial.. What I didn't tell you was that I changed my look... for the first GE commercial I had basically a full beard almost completely grown in. (click here for a picture) Show for these auditions I changed my look... I let a goatee grow in then I let about 3 to 4 days worth of growth grow on the rest of my face. (truth is, it's the holiday and I didn't feel like shaving)

January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

December 27, 2006
Audition @ Donna Belajac's for GE locomotive spot. This read went well... It was very similar to the aircraft engine spot in that there was singing, and tone was the same. This time it was to the song from Top Gun - Take My Breath Away. Donna brought three folks in at a time and had us slat and do our thing. I feel it went well... Being that I just worked with the director I knew what he was looking for so I took Donna's direction and tied that in with what I know Rocky wants and did my thing. I think it went well.

It was kinda cool cause I'm in town (Pittsburgh) for the holiday and I got a early audition. So as I come rolling up to the audition I see a number actor shelps standing outside Donna's waiting to get in, turns out they were a bunch of friends. Kwame Rakes... Adam Le'Andre and Cynthia Tademy.

December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Happy Birthday Jesus

Today was nice... Kids opened presents and then we headed to Pittsburgh to visit with family... I think I made record time with everyone on board... and a stop for dinner... 7.25 hours...

December 22, 2006
Well I'm shutting down for the holiday...

December 21, 2006
So like always, I have what I think is a funny story... When I was first contacted about the GE commercial I was told that GE is doing a campaign to get their name back out there so folks remember who they are and what they do... So they were doing three commercials. After I auditioned for the first spot (aircraft engines) initially it looked like they were going to pass on casting me, so Donna told me not to fret because she would bring me for the next spot (locomotives) and since the new me from the first spot, my odds were good for the second. Well obviously I ended booking the part, so I wouldn't be able to read for the next commercial. Well not to be held back, when I was at the shoot and I was within earshot of the producer Betsy Oliver, I over heard her talking about the next spot, which they were in pre-production for that was shooting in Erie, PA where GE make their Locomotives... So I mosey (I love moseying) on over and ask Betsy if I could work on that commercial too... and she said Yep... as long as I didn't have a train or locomotive conflict, I was good to go for the audition...

Today I learned that the agent who I booked the spot through had sent and email to the folks she was sending to the next GE Locomotive. So I called Donna Belajac (casting director) and told her about the conversation I had with Betsy and let here know that I wanted to audition for the spot. Surprised at what Betsy told me, Donna agreed.

December 20, 2006
Today was one of the hardest / best days I have had in years. I know I have many friends, fellow actors, folks I have worked with and maybe those looking to hire me, all who stop by from time to time to read my thoughts. Thank you for visiting, but when you read this entry I would ask you to please forward it to everyone you know.

Today I played Santa for a company called AMSEC. AMSEC is a defense contractor who happens to be the largest employer in Virginia Beach. Every year they have an Angel tree and the employee's buy gifts for kids. Then senior management, along with Santa, take the gifts to the children's home where kids live. Today, I was Santa.

The name of the home is St. Mary's Home for Disabled Children in Norfolk, Virginia. The beautiful kids at St. Mary's all have severe disabilities. When I say severe I truly mean severe, they are completely dependent on others to survive, most can not communicate at all and would parish if not for the great staff at St. Mary's and the volunteers who spend countless hours just spending time with the kids. To quote from their website “St. Mary's is the only pediatric long-term care residential facility of its kind in Virginia for children with severe disabilities.” If you are reading this and you have your own children I hope you take a minute right now and thank God that you are blessed with children. As I was walking through St. Mary's dressed up like Santa, I was kinda hard to miss, but if you could imagine I wasn't seen or heard by most of the kids. I praise God that my three babies; Meagan, Tanner and Jacob are healthy.

When I started the entry I said it was the hardest and the best day... Well here is one example of why it was the best day, when I was laughing and being Santa, at times I would see a twinkle in the eyes of the children. This was amazing because they really can't communicate, but when I was down at their level looking them in the eyes, I could see they did know I was there and I was there for them. It was everything I could do not to cry.

So my Christmas wish is that every one of us with kids, nieces / nephews, or any child who touches your life, take a minute and thank God for them then go find and give them a hug. Also please take a minute and say a prayer for all the volunteers who work everyday with disabled kids. Across the nation there are very special folks who give freely of their time so maybe on some occasion they too will come to understand one of the greatest feelings in the world, the love of a special little person who wants more than anything to be able to stand and tell them in their own voices "I Love You" and "Thank You for being here with me."

December 19, 2006
Audition for John Adams. with Tracy Kilpatrick. There are times in one's life when they should just trust their gut. When I was called about this audition I didn't know if I was right for it. There are going to be over 100 day player roles in this mini-series, but I just didn't think I was going to work. First you have to have a British accent, which I can do, but I mainly do an uneducated / cockney take on the British dialect. Which isn't want they want. So I was called to for the initial audition and I couldn't make it. But Sylvia pushed and got me in to the callback talking about all the work I have booked recently. So she called and told me I would be able to go... I thought about it and almost said no, but I knew she went to bat for me so I thought it was the least I could do, so I went. Well my gut was right... I BLEW at this audition... for the get go I was off to a bad start. I was the first person in to see Tracy and knowing I was the first in I held my hand out to say hello and she looked at it and informed me, she didn't shake hands... Not a good start. We talked a little then she had me do the read. When I finished she asked if I did a Royal British accent - I don't without some prep time and a tape to get ready. So she gave me some direction, I did it a second time with the direction of don’t act. I did the second read and I acted again, I was focusing on the dialect so hard I wasn't natural in the read. She had me do it one last time, then I was done. We talked a little then she thanked me and I was on my way. I don't expect a call back from this one.

temet nosce - - - know thyself

December 18, 2006
Today was nice... I slept in a little... Got a cab to the airport and flew home. Something cool, when I was at the airport I ran into one of the guys who worked for the add agency. BBDO and I talked a little about the spot and the different things they are going to do to it... CGI, scoring... and the great thing is I was able to ensure that he is going to shoot me a copy when its done, as he will have the cleanest copy... i.e. the original... We also talked about the rumors that where floating around the set... That this spot was for the Super bowl... He didn't say it was, but he also didn't say it wasn't... just that he didn't know how it was being used... the only thing I do know is that he said he wouldn't be able to send me a copy till about the 2nd week in February - interestingly enough the week after the big game... So if your watching the big game and you see a spot for GE aircraft engines with some bearded hairy guy singing the Linda Ronstat Aaron Nevil song I Don't Know Much, But I Know I Love You, keep you eyes open for the drummer... That's Me...

December 17, 2006
Shooting GE Commercial. Today was another early day, not as bad as yesterday. The van picked us up around 7am for another short ride out to the plant. Today was a day of a lot of sitting and waiting. The director Rocky Morton likes to have his principle talent around and available just incase he decides to throw them in the shot. But today was all about the main guy Tom and the guitarist Garby. I did some stuff for a "Making of" shoot they where doing.

Funny little side not... it turns out that the production company for this spot is the same one that did the Fed Ex commercial I worked on earlier this year. MJZ I think that the entire executive staff is the same. Good day!!!

December 16, 2006
Shoot GE commercial 6:45am call time. So I pull my body out of the bed and make it down to the van and we had about a 30 min drive to the GE plant... Security was really tight; we could not take any cameras in to the plant, so I was not able to get any pictures. I had a ball today, I have not sat in front of a drum kit since I was about 18, but it was like riding a bike - till Ben (I think he was the producer from the studio session they did in New York for this spot) started coaching me to make sure I did it right. Then 18 seemed very far away, but with Ben's help I think we got it right. I had a GREAT DAY!

Oh Yeah, This is a great, HUGE crew. Watching some of the other stuff that was being shot that I was not in, looks fantastic. I can not wait to see this spot. FUNNY

December 15, 2006
Today was a down day; I only had a fitting around 3:30. Again everyone like the choice they had for me... Me and one other guy in and out. I feel bad for everyone else, this one girl, Chris... At least 20 to 25 outfits.

December 14, 2006
My day started REALLY early today. I was up by 4am, my flight was at 6:30, but now-a-days if you don't get to the airport 1 hour prior to your flight then you could be out of luck...

I got into Cincy around 8:30 and was met be the lovely Liberty. It was funny cause the UPM called me and said I was being meet by Liberty in a Jeep... So I was wondering if it as a Jeep Liberty or what... Ok so it was just funny to me.

So Liberty grabbed me and two other dudes in the spot and we had breakfast at the most interesting little place in Cincinnati. Then on to the hotel the Riverside Marriott. It is a very nice hotel and they put me on the concierge floor with a great lounge and drinks and deserts...

After I got my room we headed out to the location where they were shooting the other half of the spot for a fitting... It went well, the director liked my second choice and I was done and just had to wait on everyone else.

December 12, 2006
Today I met with a realtor to put a house I had remodeled in Pittsburgh up for sale... Then drove back home with the family... It was a little funny, cause when Donna called me last night she was a little worried about when I was heading back home. When I was put on hold last week I sent Donna an email asking if I was released or not because I needed to travel but I wasn't sure if I should go alone or with the family. See, if I booked the job then, originally I was to fly out to the job on Tuesday, which would have meant my family would be stranded in Pittsburgh. But everything worked out.

December 11, 2006
Still in Pittsburgh... I just got a call from Donna Belajac ... I'm back on hold for the GE commercial.

December 11, 2006
I just got a call from my great friend Kelley Davis who works with Atlantic Talent... She just let me know I booked the GE Commercial!!!!

I got a call from the UPM and I fly out Thursday morning and come home on Monday.... More to follow... YEAH!!!!!

December 9, 2006
Basketball game for my daughter... After the game we are heading to Pittsburgh. I got an email from Donna... I'm released from my Hold... Next Time.

December 8, 2006
I have to head to Pittsburgh this weekend to tend to some personal matters... But I might still be on hold for the GE commercial. Which travels on Tuesday – and I might still be in Pittsburgh – with my family... and I can't leave them stranded if I have to go to Cincinnati. So I emailed Donna to see what's up...

December 6, 2006
Ok this is kinda weird... I just got a call from Donna Belajac. It appears the production company for the GE commercial just called her and asked for my size card... Well here's the thing... I wasn't even put on hold for the commercial... Donna told them that I had not been put on hold, and they said, well so you know, where throwing his name around and the consensus seems he may be in. So I have "kinda" been put on hold.

December 6, 2006
So for the first time in a very long time, my day job got in the way of an audition... Like I have said many times, I'm blessed (or Lucky – you pick your word) to have a great day job that provides me almost an open book when it comes to time for my acting career. Well, today I couldn't get away. So I had to miss the John Adams audition.

December 5, 2006
Today would have been my fathers 66th birthday. He is missed dearly. Any work I do, is to honor Him.

December 4, 2006
To those of you who follow this website, I am sooo sorry it has taken me two months to catch up... Truth be told, I have been swamped in my other endeavors and this was what had to give... but it finally looks like things are settling down... So I hope to keep up every few days... Thanks for your support.

December 4, 2006
I got a call today for an audition for the new mini Series called John Adams...

December 3, 2006
So for a good time I have been very interested in producing films... With my background in business I have felt that I might do well producing. For the last few years I have been meeting with folks, researching and picking the brains of people who have produced and directed films. So this just in, I’m currently in preproduction for my first short. It is a story about these two older folks who talk a little about dating in the current times and about how the old time things still work. (ie love) Currently it is called The Note. I have been calling round getting all the pieces of the puzzle put together... I have contacted a DP, wardrobe, casting, special effects (I have a great contact who I just got to know). Also there are some flashback scenes in the film and I have a contact that is going to get me a number of period cars... All very exciting... More to come later...

December 2, 2006
So I had something happen to me that is a bit of a dilemma. I was called on the 22 of Nov and checked again to see if I was still available for a photo shoot on Monday the 27th in Baltimore. At that time I let them know that I had a beard so they could get with the client and make sure I was still ok for the shoot. So I waited to get my booking info... and I waited... and waited... Seeing how it was a holiday week / weekend, I wasn't sure when I was going to get contacted... So I keep checking my email and voicemail - but nothing... finally on Sunday I called the agent and said I had yet to receive anything about the booking - cept the call time (which I got when I was booked over the phone) - But here is the thing... I live many hours away from Baltimore and since I had not received any more info I was concerned that maybe the client dropped me cause of the beard... and I wasn't going to drive to Maryland on a maybe... Well I get a call on Monday around 1130 / 12ish (call time was 9am) and they are wondering if I was still going to make the shoot or not... Well, it was impossible, and I was traveling the rest of the week... I missed an audition because I held this day and I intended on billing them for a cancellation fee... Yet they were still trying to get me there, there was no way I could make it, and I was on a plane the next day for California... Long story short... my booking was moved to Friday.. Turns out that the agent was having a problem with her email... it seems to go into the junk mail folders... So I may have received the email and just deleted it... Hum...

Lesson... Agent make sure you get a conformation... Talent - I should have called on Friday... I'm glad it all worked out

December 1, 2006
Arrived at BWI in Baltimore Maryland... got my rental car and headed for the inner harbor. I had a call time of 2pm for my photo shoot.

December 1, 2006
Photo shoot today with Planit Agency for a very interesting job... It is for an international company that teaches English… the premise is kinda cool... Basically they are taking pictures of a story, kinda like a soap opera, but only told with pictures. The pictures are story boards... when a shot is shown, dialogue with be spoken by voice over artist's with subtitles in the native language... I think that is right... either way it was a fun short and profitable shoot and I made some new friends... IE I had a ball and these folks made it a blast. The director was Evan Patrick . Evan had the fun job of recreating each story board... and the thing I didn't tell you was that each model was shoot alone... meaning that when I was sitting at a desk speaking to someone, that someone is shoot on a different day then the two of us are photo shopped together in post... it was basically green screening for photography, cept it was a white background. The photographer was a killer dude named William Schmidt Jr.... GOOD times... I hope to work with these guys again...

December 1, 2006
I talked with Donna today about my callback... she let me know I didn't make the directors list.

November 30, 2006
Jumped on a plane tonight after another day of meetings and a great dinner with one of my best friends Dan Holeski.

November 29, 2006
Meetings all morning and I feel like crap... I eat lunch hoping that my stomach ache will go away, NOPE... So I head back to my hotel and try and get better... I hit the rack and sleep for a few hours...

November 28, 2006
Call back with the director. Didn't go as well as I hoped.. First I was taken in to play the drums which I did, but I couldn't hear the music so it was ruff... Then I thought I would have a minute to get ready to sing, but they said hey you're here, so sing... the other problem I had was I thought I would be singing alone... They were casting the lead for the commercial and a chorus, I was auditioning for the lead and I thought that I would be singing alone. Well they marched in two girls for me to sing with and they were not very good... It kinda threw me off... I'm not using that as an excuse; I should have been mentally ready for anything... But problem I had was I knew from talking with Donna prior to going in that they (in Pittsburgh) auditioned the potential lead guys alone. The only good news was that I heard the director tell the dude running the camera to zoom in tight on me and I was told the sing the first 4 of 5 lines alone... cross them fingers...

November 27, 2006
Just got a call from Atlantic Talent... I have a call back for the GE Commercial for both the lead hero and the drummer... Problem... it is on the 29th... I will be in California that day and my call back is in Pittsburgh... AHHH so I gave Donna a call... Not a problem, the director is actually going to be in LA doing the callbacks via video conference. New York Auditions first, then Pittsburgh and lastly live in person in LA...

November 27, 2006
Jumped on a plane today to California for my day job... good set, but I had sick people all around me... I have the callback tomorrow and meeting for my day job the next two days. Oh Crap...

November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!!!

November 22, 2006
Got another call from Taylor Royall... I'm, for sure, locked into the photo shoot on Monday the 27th... I just need to wait on booking info.

November 21, 2006
Audition @ Donna Belajac's for GE commercial. Went well... I had to sing the song "Don't Know Much" by Linda Ronstadt Aaron Neville. Then play the drums to the same song... WHAT A BLAST!!!! The commercial is going to be great... it shows this big 'ole dude in the Aircraft engine plant in Cincy breaking out into the song, and the person he is doing the duet with is in China at another GE plant... It is pretty funny...

November 20, 2006
Jumped on a plane to Pittsburgh for GE Commercial audition. AIRTRAN... check it out... I found a ticket to Pgh for $64.

November 19, 2006
Friday and Saturday I spent the night at Daryl Cox's condo in Manassas VA. Daryl was on of the producers on the film Prayer Life I did for my bud Nitin Adsul...

November 18, 2006
Worked on the film Sweat by Frank Jackson... Frank is a very passionate film maker who is working to become a force in the DC and Northern Va market.

November 17, 2006
Got called for a commercial for GE in Pittsburgh. Called and talked with Donna Belajac who is the casting director. It almost seems this job was made for me... The character they are looking for is blue collar, big, and has facial hair (even the story boards look like me), and I currently have a nice beard growing.

November 17, 2006
Drove to Manassas Virginia for work on the short film by Frank Jackson Jr. The director of the film Prayer Life I worked on earlier this year.

November 16, 2006
Put on hold today for a photo shoot in Baltimore on Monday Nov. 27th. It is a half day job and a great rate.

November 15, 2006
Got a call from Taylor Royal checking my avail for a photo shot the week of Nov. 27th. I think it is for a company that teaches English to non- Americans

October 25, 2006
So... It has been DEAD on the acting front for a good while now… I have received a couple of calls for auditions for things I'm not interested in. At this point I am really picking jobs that will advance my career. As I have always said, every decision I make is made with the thought of "How with this job help further my career." But the timing seems to be perfect for this slow down... I have a project that needed my attention this month and the home I currently am building is nearing completion - a time when I have a bunch of little crap to attend too. So I guess I can't complain.

October 6, 2006
Ok I'm trying something new per my webmasters suggestion... in order to keep the amount of space I'm taking up on my website down, I'm starting to use Flickr... Currently he is rethinking how this website is set up, but in the meantime, I'm going to start using Flickr to host my images... I will still put some pictures on this site, but for all the pictures from a job I will post them there...
Click Here to see what I'm trying to do... Feedback would be great...

October 4, 2006
The film The Mysteries of Pittsburgh has put together its own website for the film… check it out here. There some production videos and pictures... Check out the production video dated October 11... I was on set this day, but you can't see me, but you get an idea of he set we worked on... in the video there is a shot where Michael Chabon (the writer of the book) is being shown the scene we just shot - yes we, it was dialogue between Michael and me... well, you see Rawson (Director), Michael London (Ex. Producer) and Michael Chabon watching the tap.. well that is my arm right next to Mr. Chabon... (I wonder if that cameraman had a zoom, and could have zoomed out just a bit... ) Anyway check out the site...

October 3, 2006
I finally had a minute throw up a couple pictures from the Mysteries of Pittsburgh… By next week I will put up some more or at least a link to a bunch… like the one where one of the producers is making me get out of his seat… check my media page…

October 3, 2006
Congratulations to Peter Sarsgaard and his fiancee Maggie Gyllenhaal on the birth of there first child Ramona today in New York... During breaks between setups during filming Peter and I talked about the soon to come little one and how he was in NYC attending the baby shower... Congrats Maggie and Peter... Hope you saved up on your sleep...

September 30, 2006
WOW… I just got off the plane from Hawaii… WOW…. This flight was to LA, and then I jump another plane to Atlanta, then on home from there… So I’m typing this on my LA to Atlanta leg… There was this lady sitting behind me who was making the worst fuss that I have ever seen on a plan… She was screaming, literally beating up her boy friend… She threw drink on him, slapped him, she took her blanket and rolled it up and when he was sleeping she wrapped it around his head and yanked it down so his head smashed into center console. I could go on and on… The last thing I want to tell is when we started to descend and were told to bring up the seats and stow bags under the chair in front of you… She wouldn’t do it… The flight attendant came over and very forcefully directed the crazed woman to stow the bag… The lady looked at the flight attendant and said “You Stow the BAG BITCH!!!!!” I couldn’t believe it… Needless to say when we landed she and her boyfriend were taken of the plan by cops… Made the 5 hour flight fly by… even though it was a Red EYE and I didn’t get to sleep a minute cause of her…

September 27, 2006
Ok… I’m on the plane at 12pm heading to Hawaii… Yet another LONG day… couple hours to get to Atlanta… then over 9 hours from Atlanta to Honolulu… But is was a little easier cause I sat next to a great funny person, and we just hit it off… Thanks for a fun flight Dot….

September 26, 2006
So last night I got back to the hotel kinda late… So I headed to my in-laws house for a great dinner and a firm bed… I was up this morning and out heading home at 8am. Thanks Rawson, Thor, Jason, Khristian for casting me in the film… I hope I really do get a chance to work with you again… And Donna thanks for opening the door for me to step through….

September 25, 2006
MOP shoot day…
We had a call time of 6am at the location, which was 40 minutes from the hotel… You know what… 4:45am comes around really early… At 5:20am I mosey (always wanted to mosey) down to the van to catch a ride out to the location, which was in a strip mall out in Pine-Richland. I get to the location and jump into my room in the honey wagon, no sooner did I get in, start to get settled and Michelle comes a grabs me… The director Rawson wants to do a quick rehearsal to get a general idea how the first scene is going to be blocked, so the crew can set up for it… The first scene we’re shooting is when Cleveland (the bad guy) who is played by Peter Sarsgaard is introduced in the film. Cleveland is coming to the Book Barn to visit Art (the lead) played by Jon Foster and take him for a little ride. Art’s coworker Keith (slacker) played by me, confronts Cleveland. So we rehearsed it and then were sent back to base camp. Once there I was whisked away to wardrobe to get suited up in my stunning 1980s get-ups with my smashing bright orange Book Barn Apron.

I’m realizing that if I type everything that happened I would fill up a lot of space in my journal here… so I’m going to manly touch on things…

Long short of it… It was a great day and I got to work with great people… Jon and Peter were what I would hope for in people… Nice and very welcoming. There are times that actors, well for that matter, anyone in the entertainment “world” is considered “full of them self”. And I think when you are on the outside looking in you might think that… but the truth is you’re wrong if you think that, yes some folks can be that way… but regardless of your industry you will always have “That Guy”… Anyway… I spent some time hanging out with Jon and Peter in Peters trailer…

Turns out today was a crowded day on the set… I think this was most likely due to the fact that Michael Chabon who wrote the book The Mysteries of Pittsburgh which this film is based on was here. He was making his film debut, a cameo in this film. And the coolest thing was that his dialogue was with me. He is playing a Book Barn Patron who asks me a question… And seeing how he was the writer of the story, I got to answer him appropriately… (wait to see it on the film… Funny) It was really cool… he was a little nervous, but he was a natural… after we did it… maybe two or three times and Rawson said ok, lets do it again… Michael was like “we have to do it again?” And I told him yep, just a few more times and then they will move the cameras and well do it a bunch more… His reaction was funny… Anyway, after Rawson was happy with the first setup and they were moving the cameras, he had Michael and I watch what we did on the monitor… It was cool to see how excited Michael was… He is a natural… So the odds are good this scene won’t end up on the cutting room floor. Since Michael was there, I got to meet and talk with Micheal London, who is the CEO of the production company doing this film, Groundswell Productions. He and I talked about how Groundswell is going to be doing a number of films a year… as a matter of a fact they are starting principle on another film in Pittsburgh on the 6th of Nov. It’s called Smart People staring Dennis Quad, Thomas Haden Church, and Rachel Weisz.

If you have been reading this for a while you will remember when I talked about the audition and how Rawson was there with two producers… Well I got a chance to spend a good bit of time talking to and getting to know them. Thor Benander and Jason Mercer. And when I went to the second call back there was a young lady there… Well I didn’t really get to meet her “officially” until I was in the van heading back to the hotel… Khristina Kravas. They were all Great… Rawson made the set a very friendly environment to work in, and I really hope I get a chance to work with them again… Like I said… So folks you just hit if off with and some you don’t… I think it is safe to say, that I did hit it off with this bunch… Thanks Guys!!!!

September 24, 2006
So I drove to Pittsburgh today… checked into my hotel… and it was a very nice hotel one of the nicest in Pittsburgh, I’m not saying which hotel, just incase some crazy reads this blog/journal (I’m note sure what to call this thing I’m typing) and heads down there to stalk anyone from the production… especially Sienna or Mena. Anyway, I got in just as the Steelers game was finishing and I watched the last quarter on my TV in my room, then I went to my brother and sister-in-laws house for dinner… Di and Steven… they own a limo company called Epic Limousine. I filled my belly and was in bed by 10pm… (that never happens…)

September 21, 2006
After talking with MOP wardrobe yesterday I got on the phone with anyone and everyone… My agent, the casting agent Donna Belajac, and the production office. When I first booked this job I was told my shoot dates were going to be the 25th of Sept. and the 3rd of Oct., but that was changed to the 3rd. However after talking with wardrobe yesterday I had the impression it was back to the original plan… So after much effort I tracked down the truth, and I will be in PGH for one day, the 25th. To bad I was looking forward to getting paid weeklies. Now what about Hawaii…

Well luckily for me all airline tickets I get for travel are normally full fare (read full fare to mean - costs nothing to change dates) I made some calls and changed the days of meeting I had to the 28th and 29th… So now, I’m going to Pittsburgh on Sunday, driving home on Tuesday, then jumping a plan for Hawaii on Wednesday… Fun Fun…

September 20, 2006
I get A call today that I didn’t expect… from wardrobe for The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. She was calling to make sure the paperwork she had was correct and that I didn’t live in Pittsburgh. This meant she wouldn’t get a chance to do a fitting with me. And I confirmed her fears… She then asked when I was coming into town, I said the day before I shoot, the 2nd of Oct… then there was the HUGH pause on the other end of the phone… then I hear… “Keith, your shooting on Monday” (the 25th) Oh no(very important note to self… when you book a feature keep a loose schedule.) Ok here is the thing… I have to take a trip to Hawaii for my day job… and it needs to happen before the end of this month… So knowing this I checked in – with everyone – last week making sure that I was still on for the first week of OCT… So I book my trip to Hawaii… I’m scheduled to leave Sunday the 24th… meetings Monday and Tuesday, then on the redeye home Tuesday night… oh no..

September 18, 2006
Monday Night Football... Steelers Lost... Not good...

September 16, 2006
My kids birthdays are only 6 days apart, so this year we took them to this great place called The Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend… It has this awesome indoor water park. We got a nice couple bedroom suite and my daughter brought her best friend Gabriel. It was a great time.

September 14, 2006
After finishing Red Legged Devils… I wanted to shorten my very long goatee and sideburns, actually, my family wanted it shortened… So I called and asked if I could… I talked with Donna and she sent an email to the MOP production office. I got a call from one of the producers, Thor, and he said to not shave at all and let it grow as long as possible, so they would have choices… One slight mistake on my part… I did trim the goat a little and took more off that I meant to… But it is ok.. I have two weeks and it should grow back to about the same as it was in my auditions…

September 13, 2006
Worked on the film Red Legged Devils today… it was a good shoot… we filmed in a museum in Alexandria Virginia. It was really cool because the table I was sitting at was really over 250 years old… The scene is a very powerful one, my character is a bit of a JERK. He is basically telling the story about how “Real” New York folk felt about getting involved in the civil war. I have to tell you I really love doing this stuff. Made a number of new friends… the director Charlie Spickler, I really enjoyed the way he worked… He let us – the actors do our job and let the camera roll… If we messed up he didn’t stop us, he let us go back and fix it… which of course I didn’t do… As for this Duryee I still don’t know how to correctly say his name… Anyway… I basically tell the lead in the film, Jamie, played by a great young man - Gavin Peretti - that he isn’t enough of a man to join the Army and the nobody in NY could care less about the war. While my wife, Anne, played by the lovely - Sherrie Morgan , tries to understand what is wrong with me… only to have there idiot younger brother Samuel, played by Steve Sirkis show up and give us wonderful news… Thanks for every thing Deb… and Cricket, my best to you and I pray this project can bring you some peace and joy… Check out my media, cause I put up two shoots… one just me and another with my wife and her brother

September 11, 2006
In Washington DC for day job today and tomorrow.

September 8, 2006
Filmed my stuff for Metro Productions today… it was for Northrop Grumman. Really fun time… I didn’t have many lines at all, but Tripp – the director and I had a ball… matter of fact we all did… As I tend to do, I was serious all the time, so crew and fellow actors were laughing the whole time… Good and quick shoot… Thanks Trip!!

September 7, 2006
Audition for an independent film called Lake City staring Sissy Spacek, Troy Garity and Tatum O'Neil. I feel this audition went well… The audition was on tape with Lisa Fincannon. I read for the part of Rick… he is one of the main characters’ drinking / drugging buddy from years back… Cept his buddy has moved on and is trying to clean up, but Rick is still at the bar living it up… It was truly a blast, and the thing that is cool, Rick is basically the same character I booked in MOP - Keith.
When I first went in, Lisa said it was great to see me again, we had a nice little talk about my name, she is good people… So my audition scenes where in a bar and where I’m seeing my long lost mate and very happy to see him… I did the first read big, much like you would expect. (Especially since the character description was big and boisterous) Lisa liked the read then said I needed to bring it down because Sissy is such a great actress who internalizes her emotions and lets face and body emote more than her voice or physicality and she is going to be the foundation that the whole cast must base there performance on. So Lisa directed me to do it again, with the same energy but let it show in my eyes and subtle body language (that isn’t her exact words – I’m an actor not a stenographer). So I took in the direction and did it… honestly it felt great… by doing it that way I felt a much greater intensity… anyway Lisa complemented me on my adjustment… we will see… cross them fingers.

September 7, 2006
First game of the season, the Steelers won!!!

September 6, 2006
Fed Ex shoot… Boy did 5am come around very early this morning… I really feel for anyone who gets up that early everyday… I guess the fact that I didn’t hit the rack (that is going to bed for you non-military folk) until about 12 didn’t help… So I get to the location, Langley Speedway in Hampton… it is a nice little race track right beside Langley Air Force base… (I got to see Raptors – F-16s – F-15s fly over all day) As I get there I see so many faces that I have know for years… I wish I would have got my hands on a call sheet cause I’m not the best are remembering everyones names, but I know the faces… some I remember, Randy Pease and Caryn Nowland.
Also ran into a few fellow actors. The very first film I ever did was called Moving, in which I had a very small role… the colead was a man by the name of Derek Leonidoff. I haven’t seen Derek in years and it was nice because we had ALL DAY to reconnect. Also here are some other friends and fellow actors that were there.. Tommy Hahn’s , Jennifer Massey, Keith Flippen, Timothy Smith. And few more. It was a very long day… I don’t think I’m made for doing background… It was cool to see the NASCAR cars… and I did see Denny Hamlin from afar, but they were on a very tight schedule because he had to fly out to Ohio for a dirt track race… I have some pictures that I will post later.. and I will tell more about the day later… gotta run…

September 5, 2006
Just got my call time for tomorrow for Fed Ex… 6AM if I want breakfast… (that is really early)

September 5, 2006
Just got an email from Atlantic Talent and I was submitted for a feature called Lake City… we will wait to see if they want me to audition…

September 4, 2006
Ok I’m in, it turns out they like my scruffy look ever more… I will be shooting a SAG National FED Ex spot on Wednesday.

September 1, 2006
Ok it is official I am now a member of SAG and my new professional name (thanks a lot Keith Gregory somewhere in Hollywood) is Keith Michael Gregory. I will be having my webpages udated very soon with my new name. My resume page is fixed and I have an updated resume listed too.

September 1, 2006
******** Happy Labor Day *********

So I guess word spread rather fast that I finally joined the union, because I got a call today from Marsha Wulf at Talent Link. She told me she submitted my H/R for a FED EX SAG commercial, and they wanted me for the spot… and as Marsha started telling me about it I realized it was background… Well I made a decision awhile back that I wasn’t going to do any background work... I told her that I don’t like to do background, then she told me, the number of background actors was small, and the pay is at SAG rates… Now personally I’m not a big NASCAR fan, but it seems that I have so many friends who are, that my life was in danger if I didn’t accept the job, because the main person in the spot is Denny Hamlin (who I’m told is a rookie driver and drives the FED EX car… ).

So I said to Marsha, “I’ll do it. However,(Agents don’t like the howevers)I have a very scruffy look right now, I don’t look like my head shot and I can’t change it cause of a Civil War film (Red Legged Devils) I’m doing later this month”… She asked me to email a picture and she would send it to the production and let me know…

August 31, 2006
Booked the Northrop Grumman job… This one was kinda funny… it was a very different audition because they weren’t looking for talking suits, they were looking for all different folks and the premise is, we are trying to figure out who this great company that seems to be everywhere helping everyone.

So when I did the read, and right now for that matter, I have a very long and scary beard going on and it was assumed because of the look I had, I wouldn’t be used. It is one thing that is very frustrating… But yeah for me I booked the job anyway.

August 28, 2006
MOP has signed on a couple more known actors… Nick Nolte and Mena Suvari. Earlier Max Minghella was attached at the lead but he has dropped out and now Jon Foster is the man.

August 23, 2006
I have been SAG eligible for a few years now and I have been waiting for the right time to Join… well that time is here… with me booking MOP I now have to join. So Friday last week I called SAG to make sure everything was in order, and I find out… SOMEONE HAS MY NAME!!!! When I became eligible I check with SAG and made sure there wasn’t anyone with my name… cause if there was I was going to change my name. At that time there wasn’t… but it seems that someone joined this past fall with the name of Keith Gregory… AWWWW… So I have to change my name, but I can’t get to far away from Keith Gregory cause I have built a reputation with that name… So I sent my paper work away and I’m going for the professional name Keith Michael Gregory. As soon as I get conformation from SAG I will update all my info…

August 21, 2006
Audition today for a Northrop Grumman industrial. Interesting read… it was different... although I feel that different is the norm…

August 17, 2006

Booked it!! Just got the call and I have been cast in The Mysteries of Pittsburgh as Keith. (go figure) The film will be shooting in Pittsburgh starting Sept 5th through middle to late October. I will have a couple of days of work on it.

August 15, 2006
Back at Donna Belajac Casting for another read with Rawson Thurber for the film The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. I get there and chat with Amy again… Donna calls me in and again Rawson is there with two producers and now a lady, who she is, I’m not sure… Rawson thanks me for coming in again, and I asked him if I could read for Jane but again he tells me no and that the part is already cast ( Sienna Miller ) and of course the part is for a woman… Anyway, he asks me to do the read again just like I did last time… we did it a couple of times and he gave me direction and I followed… it seems to have gone well… Then he tells me he wants to add a line… Later in the script there is scene that currently has the character Keith making a visual reaction… Rawson added some dialogue and asked me to do it… We did it a couple of times… my first read on it was Keith being passive. Then he gave me direction implying that Keith wasn’t passive and he was much more forceful… I did it… When I finished, Rawson got up shook my hand said I did a great job and thanks for coming in again, he was glad I did… Me TOO… keep them fingers crossed…

August 14, 2006
So I’m lying in bed sleeping soundly and my phone rings. It’s Donna. She was contacted and they want to see me again… Yeah… I have to be at the office tomorrow at 6pm…

August 13, 2006
Talked with Donna today… she sent the producers and email asking if they wanted me to come back in for another call back to keep me fresh on Rawson’s (the director) mind… but she didn’t have a response yet… So she asked me to call her at the office tomorrow and we would decide what to do at that point.

August 12, 2006
Yesterday I drove back to Pittsburgh again… the third time in the last few weeks… This time it was to see my cousin Amanda get married today… And she was beautiful… she is now in Greece with her new hubby Ryan… It was a very nice day… They got married at this great church in Allison Park, PA. The reception was at the Sheraton in Station Square… I saw a bunch of family who I haven’t seen in years… one other cool thing is that my brother-in-law owns a limo company in Pittsburgh called Epic Limos and Amanda hired him and his sweet stretch Caddy Escalade… Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Dew…

August 10, 2006
With the crazy day I had this Wednesday I decided to call Donna Belajac’s office. Some of the projects I’m being requested for are in direct conflict with the Pittsburgh film… When I called, my new buddy Amy answered and told me I was still on the table for the role of Keith... After I talked with Amy, I called the other productions and told than if I book the pgh film we will have to schedule around it. Then about twenty minutes later Donna called to let me know that I was still in the running for the part and share some other things with me. While we were talking I told her I was coming into Pittsburgh because of a wedding… and she asked that I contact her because she might have me come back in to meet the director again.

August 9, 2006
Filmed some MOTS (man on the street) stuff for an industrial being done by John Forte. Real simple stuff that just didn’t come simply today… You know every now and then you have a bad day… well today was that day, I think I left my tongue at home and brought my neighbors… but I persevered and got the job done Right… I gave John what he needed and got some good and funny stuff down on tape… I was working with some faces I’m very familiar with… Jean Guy Bureau who has looked at me through his lens more than once, and Randy Pease who once again got to listen to my “manly” voice for a few minutes this morning. Fun as always, Ain’t that right gentlemen… Thanks John…

August 9, 2006
Wow what a day… so this morning I filmed with Mr. Forte. While I’m filming I get a voicemail from the Director who emailed the script to me last night… Later while I’m reading the script for the director, Danny Carrales another director, who is filming a feature called Pilgrims Progress called and left me a message to call him back. Two of my good friends just had a couple of days on this film, Kera O'Bryon and Terry Jernigan. I auditioned for this film back in March… I really liked the audition piece…

Ok so I call the first director back, his name is Frank E. Jackson Jr. and I worked with him on the project Prayer Life back in April. Frank has a production company called Sunjada Productions and has a number of independent films under his belt. He has written a very nice piece and I’m going to be playing a rather mean guy. We talked today and I agreed to do the project and once he pulls together the rest of the cast we’re going to get together and make it… I liked the way Frank worked on Prayer Life, so I’m looking forward to working with him again… he hopes to have the footage in the can NLT end of Sept.

OK so I call Danny Carrales back… I was so thrilled that he called me but after we talked for a good bit, it turns out that I wasn’t able to do his project… For a couple of reasons… First he needed me this Friday, but I’m going to Pittsburgh to see my youngest cousin Amanda get married… (side note: she was the first kid I ever held as a baby, first diaper I ever changed, and first bottle I ever feed to a baby… It is very strange to see her all grown up.) Anyway… So I was planning on leaving to go to PGH either tomorrow night or sometime early on Friday, but I told Danny that I would stay if he wanted… Then we talked some more and I told him that right now I have a very bushy Goatee because I’m shooting Red Legged Devils in September… He seemed hesitant, but ok with that… then I told him that I was up for the film The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and if I book the film they may have me shave… Danny said that I would need to do some Green screen stuff later… and with all the work I had going on and the possibility of changing looks, it would be better if we passed on this project and look to the next…

fhew… I’m tired just typing this…

August 9, 2006
Also… one side note I wanted to mention… Today I worked with some great guys. Jean Guy Bureau and Randy Pease. I wanted to put a plug up here for the feature film they just finished working on with a great guy who has captured my mug many times - one time teaming up to make John Wayne Gacy very creepy, Ray Brown. Ray put together a film called Dismal. I heard it was a great shoot. I look forward to seeing it… (Wish I would have auditioned… I was called, but couldn’t make it…) I’m sure it will be great…

August 8, 2006
I was just emailed a script tonight to look at… I worked with the director earlier this year and he is interested in having me work on the project… It looks like a fun role… I’m going to call him tomorrow to talk about it… more to follow…

August 6, 2006
Took the family to the Baltimore Aquarium this weekend, we left on Thursday… The kids Loved it!!!! BIG sharks… and of course the swimming pool in the hotel… (no sharks there though) Kinda nice to take a break and relax a little…

August 1, 2006
Call back @ Donna Belajac’s for the feature film The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

Ok so I planned to be early so I had plenty of time relax and get ready for the call back, and boy am I glad I did… Pittsburgh is a city on three rivers with big hills all around… So the way I drive in is through a tunnel… I’m driving and about 13 minutes from Donna’s office and ****boom **** I’m sitting still… There was a breakdown in the tunnel… So here I am planning on being nice and calm and relaxed for my audition and I’m starting to freak… I had about 45 minutes to get to the callback, but if you ever had to wait for a tunnel to be cleared, you can understand my nervousness. But I made it through and got into the office about 15 min early… Thank God I added extra time in the morning.

Flash to me in the office… I learned some really great things that I will add later if I book the part, but I fill out the sheet for my sizes and conflicts and looked over my sides one more time. And chatted with lovely Amy… Then I went in and low and behold, Rawson Marshall Thurber was there with two of the producers of the film… I joked / slated / then did my read… Rawson gave me direction, and I made my adjustments and went again… I really like this call back because I understood him, that isn’t always the case with directors… He had me do it a bunch more times tweaking me each time. One thing is amazing; when you have an idea about your character and you act accordingly, but it can be SOOOO different from what the director wanted… I had one line and I assumed the other person in the scene knew something he didn’t… but that was 180 out from what Rawson saw… So it completely changed the way I was playing the line… So he had me do it again with that new direction and he liked it… Anyway I feel really good about the read and Rawson was very complementary and thanked me for coming in… cross them fingers.

July 31, 2006
Just got a call from Atlantic Talent... I have a call back tomorrow for The Mysteries of Pittsburgh!

July 27, 2006
Audition in Pittsburgh at Donna Belajac’s. Ok so I get there… after a nice long drive sign in and wait… there were a handful of other actors waiting to read for other parts, and it was funny cause there was this guy sitting next to me and the door opens and another dude walks in and the look at each other and start laughing… So I ask them what is so funny… well they are neighbors, they live across the street from each other… and it was a 3 hour drive for them to get to Pittsburgh… Funny… anyway Donna was great, she gave me direction as to how she wanted the read, we ran the lines a couple of times then put in on tape, then she gave me direction to change some things and she recorded the changes. She said I did well, I feel good about it, but we will see… the only good news was on my way out, she asked if I was available for the call back days… If I sucked she wouldn’t have asked… cross them fingers.

July 26, 2006
Ok so I called Donna Belajac Casting today and I am set to audition tomorrow at 2:30 for the role of Keith. (go figure – maybe it’s a sign) It is a small role as a loser no-load who works at a bookstore with the main actor character Art Bechstein who is played by Max Minghella. This story is about The adventures of Art Bechstein during his first summer after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. Art is the son of a mob boss in Pittsburgh. (maybe another sign, I was born in Pittsburgh.)

July 25, 2006
Call from Atlantic Talent - audition for the feature film The Mysteries of Pittsburgh staring Sienna Miller Max Minghella. and Peter Sarsgaard and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber who directed Dodgeball. This film is shooting in Pittsburgh…

July 25, 2006
Ok I’m in for an audition I have to call Donna Belajac in the morning to talk about the film and the part I’m auditioning for. I’m looking forward to heading to Pgh to read for this part… the last time I got a call from Donna for an audition I couldn’t go and was so bummed… but I spoke with her on the phone, and what a great lady… can’t wait to meet her.

July 24, 2006
John Forte called and I booked a very small role in his industrial.

July 23, 2006
Audition today… Went well… time will tell… Turns out that the film is going to be used to raise money for the rest of the film… If it turns out as good as it reads they will have no problem raising funds and winning at any film festival it is submitted to. And I guess that the director - Rob Stephens is in final talks with Lance Henriksen to play one of the main characters.

July 22, 2006
House Of the Fallen I just finished reading the script for my audition on Sunday, and I have to tell you this story ROCKS!!! Even if I don’t book this job I can’t wait to see the film.

July 21, 2006
Fun audition… John is always a ball… read went well… John told me that the part is already booked and they are just waiting for the guy to conform he doesn’t have a conflict, but he still wanted me to read… Which I did… I was told he will use me in the shoot. If the dude can’t do the part I was reading for then the part was mine..

July 19, 2006
Call from Atlantic Talent, John Forte (the director) called and wants me to audition for an industrial.

July 18, 2006
Call from Sylvia Hutson who has started a talent agency in partnership with Karen Spencer. Karen will be focusing on casting, and Sylvia is focusing on working as an agent. click for website. So the called today for an audition for a short film that is part one in a three part story.

July 17, 2006
So back on June 2nd I talked about the house I’m building to sell… it is coming along very nicely… at click here to see I also bought a house in Pittsburgh and I’m having two bedrooms and a bathroom added and I will be selling it… Busy – busy…

July 13, 2006
Crazy day… had family issues that mad me way late for my audition… I read with my girl Kera O'Bryon. Not my best read I think cause of the craziness I had going on today… but not the less I got to see Kevin and Anne again…

July 10, 2006
Got a call from Anne Chapman today to audition for a short that Kevin Hershberger is directing…

July 7, 2006
I finally got a chance to read the whole script today for Red Legged Devils. It is a very good script; I think it will be a very nice film…

June 17, 2006
So you know how the story goes… when it rains it pours… well about 3 weeks ago ole’ blue, my 1997 blue (go figure) GMC Suburban’s’ transmission died, so instead of paying to fix it – which would only last bout a year- I decided to put a new tranny in… Ok 3 grand down the drain… And yes I said down the drain cause today my mechanic Willie at Lester Brothers let me know that ‘ole blue threw a lower rod… so it will be either 1700 for a rebuilt engine (with only a 30 day warranty) or 3200 for a new one… So I went looking at new trucks today…

And of course another thing that sucks is that it threw the rod on a day I had an audition… I tried everything in my power to make it, but I couldn’t pull it off, and now I think my agent is angry at me. The problem was I called her earlier in the day to move my time from 2pm till later and she was in the middle of running a casting, so when it became apparent I couldn’t make it at all I didn’t want to call and bother her again… AHHHHH So I got myself a rental at a great weekly rate (thank you AAA) and I’m going to make my mind up about what to do… fix ‘ole blue and hope nothing else breaks, fix ‘ole blue and put her to pasture in someone else’s field… or just try and sell the tranny and part out the rest of the truck….

June 16, 2006
I just talked to Jim Jones, his business partner just lost his son, I don’t know the details, but Jim is in LA with his friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

June 15, 2006
Callback today for Red Legged Devils… It went well… I did what I was told… I was more “Blue Collar”. They liked it so much that they booked me for this part… before offering me the part, Charlie spent a min explaining how important this role was… This is the first scene in the film and it establishes how most of New York felt about the Civil War and Lincoln. The main character and my character Arthur ague about the war, and he - Jamie - joins the fight almost to spite me. This will be a very fun person to bring to life… the production company is C Squared Pictures.

June 14, 2006
Audition for a film called Red Legged Devils. This film is A Civil War story based on the regimental histories and first person accounts of members of the 5th NY Duryee's Zouaves. I auditioned for a small supporting part, the lead’s brother in-law Arthur. The audition went well I thought… I have a call back tommorw and the director Charlie Spickler, sent me home with a little direction on what he wanted from me at the callbacks.

June 13, 2006
I got a call today from Jim Jones’ assistant and was asked to give him a call… He had good news and bad news… Bad, the film that I was slated to do with him in Aug is on hold for now… the good news… he has funding for a few other films and he wants to talk to me about a part in a film he is doing this fall. I will be going to his house this weekend to talk about the film and what he wants from me…

June 13, 2006
I got contacted about the possibility doing a role in a film mid Aug threw mid Sept. More to come with I have more specific details and something to really report.

June 2, 2006
So you might have noticed there hasn’t been much happing for about a month… well that is cause of the other projects I’m working on. I’m building a house to sell and I'm finalizing buying a house in Pittsburgh to fix up then sell… Truck problems…. I’m also redoing my whole marketing package… I plan on attacking this industry with new and improved stuff so I can get in front of more casting directors… Stay tuned!!!! I’m “getting all the ducks in line”. (I always wanted to say that)

May 20, 2006
Ok what a ball… I just finished shooting the spec commercial for Jim Jones … It was for Las Vegas tourism, and it was some FUNNY stuff… I took two folks with me… my great friend and master of improv Terry Jernigan and a very funny and good actress Amoreena Wade … We had a good drive and talked a bunch of shop…

The shoot was a blast, Stephen Lyons DP’ed the shoot, which was on film. It was great to work with both Steve and Jim again; we did the show Psychic Detectives earlier this year. For this spec, I was working opposite of a very well know and respected DC actor Wes Johnson and it is true… he is funny… I can’t go into the theme of the spot (cause they want to sell it and if I describe it someone my try and copy it) But I will say that Wes and I are opposing lawyers… Good Times…

May 19, 2006
I have been going to the Y in the mornings and I swim for 30 to 45 minutes… I went this morning and I have to tell you… I love the burn I get, but getting up so early makes me tired…

May 18, 2006
Got a call yesterday from– Jim Jones, the director I worked with on show Psychic Detectives. Jim just wrapped his first feature film called Crazy Eights, staring Traci Lords and other well know actors. So we finally caught up with each other today… and he asked me to come to Northern VA to shot a spec commercial for him, and if it gets picked up I will stay on the project when it’s fully funded…

May 16, 2006
Ok so wow… today I realized how long it has been since I have updated this site… It that a good thing or a bad???? I can say that I have been buzy… And I know I’m going to miss some things. So go back and see what’s been going on…

May 10, 2006
The play I did this year called “Hiram & Nettie” is being produced in Las Vegas. I have contacted the producer and threw my name in the hat to play the same role I did in Norfolk… we’ll see.

May 6, 2006
Something that I haven’t talked much about is that I’m building a house to sell right now… earlier in this blog I put how I got my Class A builders license, well… I’m using it and having a house built… If all goes well I will be selling in NLT Aug… Currently the house is under cover windows in and the heating guy, plumber are ruffed in, the electrician starts end this week, start of next… As if I wasn’t buzy enough….

May 4, 2006
Today was a reality check for me… I got a call from Stacie at MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] yesterday for a stock photo shoot… The client wanted to use me for a few hours this morning. I had a go-see yesterday to make sure I was right. Everything went fine and when I left the client gave me every indication I was in (for the whole shoot)… Well on the way home I got a call from Stacie saying they could only use me for 1 hour… I found out later it was cause I’m to heavy… Something I don’t talk much about is I have been fighting weight lose for a long time. I am comfortable with my weight, would like to lose a few pounds for my health, but today, when I was at the shoot, well it was the first time I have ever felt uncomfortable in my skin because of my weight… maybe that ymca membership will come in handy…

May 4, 2006
Audition at MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] for a Room Store commercial… Too Fun!!!!

May 2, 2006
Joined the YMCA today… my kids have swim lessons on Saturdays and I am going to start starting my day there…

May 1, 2006
Ok so I’m back home and I just talked to the transmission guy and I won’t have my truck back till Friday…

April 30, 2006
Another day on Prayer Life. Nitin emailed me about doing this film, so I came up and took a part I normally wouldn’t have, but I’m glad I did… they were a great bunch of folks… I hope to work with them again…

April 29, 2006
Spent the day on the set filming… it was a good day. I am playing the assistant prosecutor. So I spent the whole day sitting on my butt looking interested in what the prosecutor was saying and handing her stuff when required.. It was fun day…

April 28, 2006
I blew the transmission out on my truck today… And of course I have to be in Arlington Va tomorrow to work on an Indy film being produced by a good friend Nitin Adsul called Prayer Life, so I’m off to rent a car…

April 26, 2006
ADR for the film 7 Minute Lull got to see all the boys again… and again, when I got home my gutt hurt from laughing… Good Luck on Tour Chris.

April 21, 2006
So today comes and I have to be in NYC at Liz Lewis Castingfor an audition at 5:20 and of course I’m not in town so I need to drive in for the audition… And if something could possibly go wrong with the trip it did… I left with plenty of time to get to the audition but got stuck in two major traffic problems with lost me over 2.5 hours… and being that it was Friday, the Jersey turnpike was going to suck… So I had to cancel the audition… AHHHHHHH…..

April 20, 2006
Just got a call from Liz Lewis Casting for an audition for Merck Image Campaign Audition. I submitted myself for this audition via Actors Access – Check it out… Us it…

April 20, 2006
Got an email today from Grant Wilfley Casting again to do extra work on the film Enchanted.

April 19, 2006
Boy… if I could make a living from the auditions that I can’t make due to commitments and other bookings I would be really, really busy. I’m redoing my schedule… I have missed too many auditions recently… Time to adjust…

April 19, 2006
I got called today for an audition in Atlanta via Houghton Talent for and A&W root beer commercial… I couldn’t swing the ticket in time… I’m going to put the audition down on video and email it to Mystie and hopefully will get me into call backs…

April 19, 2006
I submitted for a commercial in LA for DirecTV at Craig Colvin casting. And they contacted me today to come in and audition tomorrow… But of course I’m not able too… submitted via Actors Access

April 18, 2006
Got a call from the director of 7 Minute Lull, Jason Richards I will be doing some ADR for voice over parts we didn’t get down yet next week…

April 17, 2006
Got a call from Greer @ Greer Lange for an audition at Wickline casting tomorrow for a commercial for Philly tourism. This is the same audition that I missed on Thursday… they didn’t like what they saw and I got another chance to go… And I couldn’t!!!! AWWWWWW

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!!!

April 15, 2006
Took my kids fishing today…. Nothing… didn’t catch a thing…

April 14, 2006
My home theater / screening room is 90% done… click here for pictures. 1 - 2 - 3.

April 13, 2006
Missed an audition today for Philly tourism commercial… I was in court today… and guess what, I didn’t need to be there… back in Jan, I was in a hit and run accident. The found the guy and he got a ticket and I’m a witness… Well guess what – the case was continued and no one bothered to let me know… So I could have gone to Wickline casting for this commercial…

April 11, 2006
Got a call today from Grant Wilfley Casting to do extra work on the film Enchanted. I’m not sure how I got on their roster, but I get a call from them every now and then… The thing is I don’t typically do extra work… hum….

April 3, 2006
released from Forensic files.

April 2, 2006
Ok What a great day today was…
I jumped a plane in Richmond VA and flew LaGuardia then caught a bus from the airport to Port Authority (if anyone ever goes to NYC you have to use this service – it is $21 round trip from LaGuardia to the Port Authority, then 80% of all auditions within a few blocks. It Rocks!!! I think it is 27 from JFK. here is a link to their website) Anyway I get to the Port Auth at 1pm and my audition is at 2, so I take my time and walk to the building on 347 W. 36th St. that I was auditioning in. So I eyed the building then went and found this little market and grabbed some green tee. And chilled for a few minutes… then headed back to the building at 1:30… I head up to the studio and chilled on the couch – the most comfortable couch ever, I swear…

Now to bring you up to date. I saw a posting on for a film called Moncerus a while back and there was a character Sebastian that I fit… so I emailed them a link to my website and expressed interest in reading for the film. Well back on March 20th I get an email asking me to come in and audition… now ur up to speed...

So now I’m sitting on the couch getting ready to go and I’m holding in my hand the monologue they emailed me for this audition… it is from the play A Dolls House… I don’t have it memorized… I was so buzy the last two weeks I didn’t have the time to get it down… But I know it and just need it in my hand to help queue me for the next line. So I go in the room and just hit it off great with the two gentelmen in the room… they are both from Norway (yes I did say Norway) so their English was a little broken, but we communicated just fine… within seconds we were all laughing and having a great time… So I slate and do the monologue (they didn’t care I didn’t have it memorized and they were glad I didn’t know the play so they could see the choices I made) I had made some decisions about the guy I was to portray and I went with them, completely committing to them. It was received very well… I was then given direction to become completely different than what I first did… I loved the direction… because I got to be a complete jerk… I did it and they were very happen and we even talked about the callbacks… FYI... yes Norway… this film shoots in Norway and Philly… keeping them fingers crossed…

Lastly… on my flight back from NYC I sat next to the coolest flight attended on the face of the planet… She had me laughing from the moment she sat down till the second I left her sitting on the plane… What makes her even cooler is that she is moving to Pittsburgh to be with her Pilot boyfriend… Did you read that PITTSBURGH!!!!! She was so much fun… So the next time you take a flight on Chautauqua Airlines ask around for Laura Lynn… Miss Laura… I had a ball I hope to see you again soon…

March 30, 2006
What a day today…
First I was unable to make it work with my schedule to make it to Donna M. Belajac’s… So I called her and talked… what a great lady… (of course she is – she is in Pittsburgh) I will be sending her up H/R….

Second… I got the pictures of the scary clown… AHHH a click here to see…

Third – I just got a call from Pro Models in PA and they asked me to hold two days end of next week for the show called Forensic Files. That airs on Court TV… and go figure they are looking at me to be another Killer… and according to Laurie Bianco this guy is pretty rough… Main problem I just shaved my beard for the clown… and the guy they want me to play has a goatee… But Laurie and I both think that I will grow enough by next week…

March 29, 2006
Ok so today I got to be the scary clown… But boy I didn’t realize how scary said clown was going to be…. I’m had pictures taken while I was getting into makeup, I will post them tomorrow. I got to spend my whole time at the shoot with Tia Gorsick… she is the key makeup at New Dominion pictures… She rocks… we had a blast making me scary… She was snapping pictures… I’ll get them up tomorrow…

I was a good day, I got to spend some time with a great actor who is getting ready to head to LA… with is Masters in acting under his belt…. Frank Hargreaves. Everyone watch out for that name… he has skills… The first commercial I ever did Frank was the man in it… It was a Heaven and Earth commercial that ended with Frank on top of a desk whipping his coat over his head like a mad man… God Bless frank and knock them dead!!!!

March 28, 2006
Just got a call to go to an audition for a Law firm in Pittsburgh at Donna M. Belajac’s in Pittsburgh…. Working on my schedule to make it work.

March 27, 2006
Got the call and I’m in for the Haunting episode… I’m playing a scary Clown!!! So Allison in casting at New Dominion pictures said I will still be able to play a Guest Lead role there when one comes around that I fit….

March 25, 2006
Last day of filming… it was at bar with a good number of extras… good day… Were wrapped!!!! Thanks everyone it was a great shoot and everyone did great!!!! Loni you rock – I can’t wait till we work together again!!!! Mr. Hunter thanks for your caring advice… Jason you have my trust… call me and I will be there!

March 24, 2006
Wrapped in the Beach house today... gonna miss that house...

Got a call from Atlantic Talent about availability to do and episode of A Haunting a show that airs on discovery channel. I did a very small role on this show when my daughter was on it… They were checking dates to see if I could do the role… I asked some very specific questions with specific request… but since I only called AT back late, the answers had to wait till Monday…

March 23, 2006
More filming

You know it never fails… I have received more calls this week than I have in the past few weeks for work, and auditions… I think production companies have spies that are watching me and waiting till I’m working then calling me just so they can tease me… So WRONG….

March 22, 2006
More filming…

I got an email today from a production company that I submitted my H/R to for a job… I have been asked to come in for an audition in Manhattan on April 2nd for the film called Monocerus which is filming 2 weeks in Philly and 4 in Norway… The email seems to imply that I’m currently attached to the project pending I don’t screw up at the audition… So I’m crossing them fingers.

March 21, 2006
First day in the house that was rented for the shoot. The house was in a place called Sandbridge and it was less than a block from the Atlantic Ocean… Very pretty… It was a three story house and you just had to stand on the porch of either the second or third floor to watch and hear the waves coming it… AWESOME!!!!!

March 20, 2006
First day of filming on 7 Minute Lull… and today I got to me my best co-star I ever have had the pleasure to work with… Miss Emma Murphy… She is the most adorable 3.5 year old kid I have ever met!!! Her dad was the screenwriter of the film… Emma was an angel, whenever she was unsure and didn’t know what to say, she would just SMILE!!!! Good day of shooting…

March 18, 2006
Rehearsal for 7minlull….

March 16, 2006
In DC yesterday and today for my day job.

March 14, 2006
Audition at the Fincannons for Evan Almighty It was a great read and Craig Fincannon was very kind about my read… I auditioned for a builder.

March 11, 2006
Rehearsal for 7 Min Lull… today was an interesting rehearsal Jason had us improve the moments leading up to the starting moment of the film… It was difficult for me because I was so focused on getting into the scene that I didn’t settle into the improve… I keep trying to steer the improve to the scene but my Extremely funny co-stars Chris Adsit and Kahle McCann kept the funniest improve going and going… It was impossible to turn them from the antics… It was very funny!!!!

Auditioned for film called Pilgrims Progress being produced by Danny Carrales . Good audition… Danny seemed pleased…

March 9, 2006
Spent yesterday and today in DC for my day job… Only to have to rush to rehearsal for 7 Minute Lull. It was a good rehearsal with the director Jason Richards where he went over where he wanted to take the story and our characters, and the back stories he wanted us to build from…

March 7, 2006
Got a call to check my avail for a photo shoot next week in DC from MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA]

March 1, 2006
Audition @ Fincannons for One Tree Hill. I am auditioning for the head coach of a Basketball team. So I got my sides this morning and had ample time to review them… I made some choices about how the coach would be based on when I played sports… There were only a handful of lines and two decent paragraphs, but I was very comfortable with the copy… But have you ever just gone in and blown it… Well I just did… I was told that the producer and Director were both there and they were going to cast the part today… I just about never get nervous at auditions and even with this knowledge I wasn’t, but I think that cause I knew they were there and I wasn’t mentally ready (I found out when I was sitting in the on-deck chair) to read for them… Next time…

I rode down with a good friend Kwame Rakes and a new friend Nick Parsons.

February 28, 2006
Just got a call I booked 7 Minute Lull and Kera is my wife… and I have to go to Fincannons tomorrow to audition for One Tree Hill…

February 24, 2006
Call backs for 7 Minute Lull… I’m reading for the role of Mike… the Alpha male of the bunch… turn out my buddy Kera O'Bryon is reading for my wife… I got the whole script… I really like it… fingers are now crossed.

February 22, 2006
Finished up my studio center session with Tom today… I’m happy now we wait and see…

February 16, 2006
After a very long time I finally called Studio Center to ask about my audition I did for them forever ago… and well guess what… My stuff was lost… yep lost… they completely revamped the way they look at new talent right when I went in and my stuff was lost… So today I had another session there… I am working with Tom this time… Voice over is hard work… we ran out of time – I needed to get six spots done for my audition, but a late start and Keith caused us not to finish… good news… I get to come back next week and finish…

February 14, 2006
Audition @ MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] for Ntelos Commercial… I had a ball it went well… The director is a hoot… I was acting like I was a very large man (not a stretch there) squeezed into little car talking to someone telling them I was saving money to get cellular long distance… FUNNY Spot

February 13, 2006
I had a voice audition for Metro productions for a Job that required a security clearance… In swoops Kera O'Bryon to save the day. She basically has a voice over studio in her house, so when we were talking, I told her I needed to get this audition done - she said come on over… It went well… now we wait… Thanks dear!!!! You ROCK

February 12, 2006
My dear friend Ron Luton was laid to rest today with full military honors… He served his country his entire adult life, in the military then later as a civilian working for the Dept Of Defense… I wasn’t going to go to his grave, but I did, and I am very glad I did… there was an honor guard, Flag Folding – horn playing – gun salute… the whole nine yards… He was a dear man who will be missed by many.

February 11, 2006
Did some pick-up shots today for Coastal Training... Darin Wales was directing... As always If the camera wasn’t rolling – the crew and I were laughing our butts off at me…

February 10, 2006
Had a call back today for the film Dark Angels with Cyril Augustin… It went fairly well… Time will tell…

February 8, 2006
Auditioned for a film called 7MinuteLull which is being produced by a seasoned actor - J. Michael Hunter. It was a good read… The director gave me the jist of the character and I got it… I really related to the things he was saying and I feel good about the read. I did two different scenes reading off of J. Michael… I know I have said it before, but it is so nice to read off someone who knows what they are doing…

While I was at the auditions, there where a few other auditions going on and I was asked to crash them… so I did… It almost felt like an audition workshop tonight…

February 6, 2006
Woke this morning the horrible news… one of my dearest friends was murdered last night right after the superbowl. Ron Luton was stabbed to death by his 30 year-old son – who was schizophrenic. I have known Ron for about 15 years… In the news reports his son is saying that it was self-defense, that Ron attacked him with a knife first… Horse-@#*!. Ron was the nicest, most giving man I have ever known. Truth be told, if I ever win any award for acting where I am given the chance to give an acceptance speech, there are two people I was going to thank right of the bat. First my father, then second it was and is going to be Ron. Ron and I use to work together and it was Ron who got me back into theatre… He bugged me for over a year to go with him and do a show… Finally after my Dad passed away, and a few more weeks of Ron bugging me, I went and did a show… it has been down hill since, and I’ve been keeping Ron abreast of my success…

Thank you Ron… you will be missed as you have touched many….

February 5, 2006
*******STEELERS are the SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!!!!*****

Click for pictures of my family displaying our colors!!!!!
One, Two, Three.

February 3, 2006
Audition for an indie feature called Dark Angels. Had a good time at the audition, I was goofing with a number folks I haven’t seen in a long time; Jessica Wood, Pam Davis, Nick Ventura and others who’s names I can’t remember… Kelley Davis was also there bothering me so I couldn’t get my lines down for the audition – Thanks a bunch Kelley… The production company is called Silent Edge Films and the director’s name is Cyril Augustin.

January 29, 2006
Final day on the shoot for Tommy Hahn’s short called Terminal… After much pain and struggle Tommy got his location and wrapped the shoot… Lots of great folks there…. (myself excluded)

January 27, 2006
Day two on Psychic Detectives. Another fun day… Our Gaffer was a very well know guy Stephen Lyon… Turns out he knows everyone… worked with my bud Terry Jernigan, DJ Perry, Kera. …. And many more.. It was a fun shoot… I was dragging poor Elizabeth through the woods at night… (I bet she is sore)

So another killer in the can… this guy was named JR Griffin, and he is in jail rotting right now for killing a young lady over money he thought she stole, but didn’t…

January 26, 2006
Ok tonight I had my first day on the show Psychic Detectives. It was good times… the first location was this house – no house doesn’t do it justice… IT WAS HUGH… it was the producers (Jen Fetsch) in-laws house… Wow it was beautiful about 8000 sqft beautiful… Then from there we went to a restaurant where I abducted my victim (Elizabeth Simmons)… Then a guy almost tried to take me down cause I was waving a gun around and violently throwing the young lady into a back of a truck…

Question??? Don’t people see all the lights and cameras and people standing around watching??? Why does someone always call the cops???? And the fact that we do it over and over and over and over again might indicate that the “crime” isn’t real….

Anyway… it was a great night of filming… I got the meet the director Jim Jones and we hit it off… and it turns out he doesn’t work for Story House, he has his own company called Ikoya. When we meet we learned we have a common friend in Kera O'Bryon. Jim has used her in some commercials he’s shot..

January 23, 2006
Today was one of the longest days I have had in a very long time… I was up at 3:45 AM…. So I could leave my house at 4:15 to head to DC for my day job… Then around 2:30 I headed to Philly for an audition at Mike Lemon Casting for a restaurant called Silver Diner. When Greer called me on Friday for the audition Mike wanted to see me around lunch time, but I couldn’t do it. So I asked Greer if I could be seen later… THANKS MIKE!!!!! I got there just before they started reading all the kids for the spots. (they were casting a bunch) It was a funny audition because I was sitting at a table alone acting to my family (Mike played my wife, son and daughter – Very funny)… It was an ok read…. I didn’t get back to my hotel till almost 10:30 PM… I is tired… Night all….

January 22, 2006
Steelers beat the Broncos

***** STEELERS are going to SUPER BOWL XL*****

January 21, 2006
Had a shoot today for Coastal Training... Darin Wales was directing... Had a blast - Thanks Darin for getting me in and out!!!! The Spokesperson for the training video is a great actress named Kelley Davis... I wish I would have had more time to stick around cause I wanted to see her do her thing... Also a young lady who I had a scene with in the short film called Shades of Gray - Ellen Lopez was there too... But I have been out of town for a few weeks so Darin got me in and out in a flash... Thanks Darin you ROCK!!!!!

January 20, 2006
So once again I was getting ready to post how slow it has been and how I'm not getting any calls... and BAM... I got a call from a lovely lady named Amanda Groner and was booked to do the show called Psychic Detectives, the Goldston Vision episode. And once again (to my grandma's displeasure) I'm playing a killer... his name is JR Griffin. This production company is called Story House Productions based in Washignton DC. I will be shooting a couple days next week.

And I got a call from Greer Lange of Greer Lange I have an audition at Mike Lemon Casting, monday for a commerical for the Silver Diner.

January 19, 2006
Happy Birthday to me....

January 18, 2006
So I have been neglecting this website as I’m scheduled to be in DC from Jan 9th till Jan 30th with my day job. I have received a few calls for auditions, but I couldn’t make it. (today is the first day I have updated my blog since Jan 3rd... oops - life does get buzy)

January 18, 2006
Just booked a job with Coastal Training J. Darin Wales is directing. I work on Saturday... I was also ask to sit on a panel for a class Darin is teaching... but I can't make it... I'm really bummed about that...

January 15, 2006
NFL Playoffs… Steelers beat the Colts *** Pittsburgh is going to the Superbowl!!!!

January 14, 2006
Funeral today…

January 12, 2006
I had taken my truck to the shop to get fixed after my accident… well I wasn’t to be finished till Friday or most likely Monday… So I called and told them I had to got to Pittsburgh cause my mother died… and guess what… It is done today!!!!!

Thanks Gorden…

January 11, 2006
Well after 9 years and 1 year in a hospice (the doctors only gave her 3 months). My mother finally died today from Cancer. It was a long journey and I pray she rests in peace and has a good time in heaven with my dad and JC.

January 8, 2006
NFL Playoffs… Steelers beat the Bengals *** Pittsburgh is going to the Superbowl!!!!

January 6, 2006
Submitted by Modelogic for a promo photo shoot dealing with children and obesity for a major TV network.

January 3, 2006
So get this… I have been driving for over 15 years and prior to Nov ’05 I was in only one car accident. I was stopped and I got rear ended.
Well the day before thanksgiving '05 - I was in an accident and totaled my Jeep… (not my fault)
Then I bought a new to me (read that as used) Yukon XL and guess what… Tonight I was in an accident in my new truck…A car pulled out in front of me on the interstate and hit its brakes and Boom… I smashed into the rearend… The good news – 1) the damage is minor and the truck is still driveable 2) both the State Trooper (thank you Trooper Knight) and Geico (thank you Ms. Graves) have said I’m not at fault. The car I hit fled the scene of the accident… and I chased him down and got the plate info and description of the car, doing that helped prove my innoicnece – would you flee an accident if you knew it was the other guys fault???

Anyway… I just got a call for an audition with John Forte again at Coastal next week…

January 2, 2006
Spent Dec 25th – Jan 2nd in Pittsburgh with family… It was a great, my kids were very bummed cause we didn’t have any snow… but I was happy cause it wasn’t very cold…

January 1, 2006

********** Happy New Year ********

December 25, 2005

-----------Merry Christmas---------

December 19, 2005
Finished filming the training video for Darin and Regent’s CTL. Darin had a great crew… the DP was Jean Guy Bureau. Jean Guy worked the shoot I did earlier this year called Lost Letters of Faith. And the sound guy was Randy Pease who did sound for the film I did with Pat Morita.

December 18, 2005
I didn’t blog this till was delivered, but I got our new vehicle today… We bought it off of Ebay… Yep… I just got here today from Texas… It is awesome… It is a White ’01 GMC Yukon XL… so now we have two GMC’s

December 17, 2005
Received an email today about a short I was interested in auditioning for and the director sent me a copy of the script… It is a great short…in the breakdown she said “This is a challenging character driven drama that should have enough meat for any serious actor to sink their teeth into” and she is SOOO Right. I am going to send an audition to her on tape. It’s filming in Savannah GA, and hope I get a chance to work on this one….

December 16, 2005
Filmed again today with my good friend Darin Wales. We were shooting another training piece for Regent Universities Center for Teaching & Learning. This time I was playing a school teacher dealing with a very bad young lady… We filmed the right way and the wrong way to handle this young lady.

December 11, 2005
Had my second (and last) day of filming on Terminal written and produced by my friend Tommy Hahn … we did some pickup shots in the basement we filmed in on Monday… then headed out to the next location and BOOM… I get a call from Tommy… The restaurant had a water man bust and we couldn’t film there… So I’m now in a holding pattern…

December 9, 2005
Today I shoot a commercial for CBN (The Christian Broadcast Network). It seems that Pat Robertson has written a new book about Miracles and I was recreating one of the stories in his book. I was playing a man who had died and was walking to the gates of heaven and looking up smiling and in awe of everything. I had some people who must have been friends from earth come and great me with hugs. In the book the guy is brought back to life… It was shot with a green screen and they will be putting in heaven later… Was probably one of the easiest shoots I have ever done…

December 8, 2005
Just got called - Booked the commerical for CBN...

December 7, 2005
Got a check for availability for a commercial shooting Friday and a couple days next week. Karen at Atlantic Talent submitted my H/R for this job. The commercial if for CBN, would be nice, it’s been a long time since I shot a commercial.

December 6, 2005
Filmed today with Darin Wales. He was shooting a short training piece for Regent Universities Center for Teaching & Learning. I played a young associate pastor who is confronted with a question that is very hard to answer… What Kind of God would let this happen? This was asked by the father of a 32 year old man / husband / father who has just suddenly died of a heart attach. The actor playing the father was very good… I didn’t have to work at being uncomfortable because the emotion he was emoting was so raw… Tom Harris is his name… It was a good shoot. I’m filming another piece for Darin later next week.

December 5, 2005
Spent today filming a scene in the short called Terminal written and produced by my friend Tommy Hahn . It is being directed by Hunter Tomas and stars another great friend Kera O'Bryon.

I have a very small role as a Body Guard to the main thug. I only have two lines – I stand around in a suit looking menacing. I wanted to add something or do something different to add to this stereotypical tough guy part… so I gave Butch (that’s the name I have given Body Guard #1) a lollypop. So you have the rather LARGE dude in a swanky club, dressed sharply in a suit, obviously there to break bones, he NEVER smiles and even rarely talks and he is sucking on the little sucker… Hunter really liked it and put the little prop to use… We will finish up the shoot on Sunday the 11th.

December 5, 2005
Today would have been my fathers 65th birthday. He is missed dearly. Any work I do, it is to honor Him.

December 2, 2005
Have an audition today at Coastal Training Technologies…

December 2, 2005
What a great a great audition!!!!!
That was the first time I met John Forte (the director) and we had a ball!!!!... The audition was for a training video teaching managers how to deal with tuff employee’s… Documentation… then you can fire them without any ramifications… (need to make sure my day job boss doesn’t see the video…) I was there at 930 and didn’t check out till about 1140ish… I hope I get this job… John will be a good director to work with… Thanks Karen...

December 1, 2005
Booked shoot with Darin Wales... Filming Tuesday…

Also I have a day on the short Terminal on Monday…

November 30, 2005
Booked a small role in the film The Town That Banned Christmas in Long Island… More to come later.

November 29, 2005
Picked up my rental car today, I have it until I buy my new (used) car… It is one of those Dodge Magnums… kinda fun… Also my insurance company let me know that the other person in the car accident is at fault… So I’m clear, unless she tries to sue civilly. Now on to finding a new ride.

Audition @ MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] today for some Blue Cross / Blue Shield commercials intended to show how they are trying to help the down and out who can’t afford coverage.. (I think I got that right)… I was a fun audition; well actually I had to act really sad… so I guess not that fun.

I would be nice to book one of these things… Been awhile….

November 29, 2005
Got a call for a SAG commerical audition today in Philly... Can't make it... Don't have a car yet...

November 28, 2005
Just found out they totaled my jeep… So… now I have to find a new used car… and of-course what they gave me isn’t enough to get a decent car - even though Geico gave me a fair market amount - I will still need to take a few grand out of the bank… Merry Christmas to me, I guess I’m getting a truck for Christmas…

November 28, 2005
Atlantic Talent sent me to audition for a couple small spots being directed by my good friend Darin Wales. Read went well and Darin had me read for a number of different roles… …

November 27, 2005
Pat Morita died today… I did a film with him and he was great. Spent our time in the green room and waiting around to shoot giving me career advice…

November 24, 2005

************* Happy Turkey Day!!!!! **********

November 23, 2005
Things have been very slow lately... and I haven't booked a job in too long... So if things weren't going bad enough, I was in an accident today... I was driving down the road leaving my day job... a person didn't stop at their stop sign and pulled right in front of me... (I didn’t have a stop sign) I didn't even have time to think... I tired to turn my wheel, but I nailed the Explorer right in the passenger door behind the driver... I was going around 20 or 25, but the contact must have been just right, because it rolled the Explorer… Everyone was ok, the driver of the Explorer and I both got rides to the hospital curtsey of the local volunteer rescue squad… I’m ok – a bit soar all over and I have a big (I do mean big) bump on my head (and a head ache that won’t go away)… and I can’t get the smell of gunpowder out of my nose (airbag)… I’m heading upstairs to jump in my jetted tub… Oh yeah… Good news the other driver got a ticket and the officer who came to the scene said it was 100% her fault… (my insurance rates thank him!!)

November 14, 2005
Stallone is doing it again… only this time it called Rocky Balboa, not Rocky VI. I auditioned today at Heery Casting for the next Rocky flick… It went well… Not my best showing but we will wait and see… The read was for a small part, but the dialogue is with Rocky… That would be great Sylvester Stallone and Me in scene. When I was there Dianne said that they were expanding the scene, so who ever gets this small part will have a good scene with Sly.

November 11, 2005
Auditioned for an “everyday-man” spokesperson role for Norfolk International Airport, it is for a training video for new employees. The audition was at Zarro Acting Academy via Atlantic Talent. It was a fun read, real laid back…

November 10, 2005
Auditioned for a Liberty Tax commercial today with Steven Peak and Maria Demeshkina of Auroris Media Inc. It was a fun and goofy audition…

November 9, 2005
Just got a call from someone at New Dominion Pictures and the let me know that the TLC Channel has put up a fan-site for the new show Psychic Witness and they are using a picture of me when I played John Wayne Gacy. Check it out – click here Its kinda cool…

During shooting one of the producers came on set and asked the director to get some footage of Gacy going ”Crazy”. So the director came to me and the Cinematographer/cameraman Ray Brown and told us he wanted us to work together to get some “crazy footage”. So they lit me with a very small directional light (all the gaffers of the world can see I don’t have a clue) it looked like it was coming through a slit in a venation blind… So while Ray was slowing moving the camera back and for and rolling it side to side, I was leaning in and out of the light going Crazy… I haven’t seen the show yet (I don’t have cable), but I’ve been told it turned out great… The picture TLC used was from that little bit of fun Ray and I had.

November 7, 2005
Check me out today on Discovery… they are replaying a show I did a year or two ago. It is an FBI Files episode called The Atlanta Prison Riots. I played the Weldon Kennedy the FBI Agent in charge.

November 4, 2005
Make sure you don’t miss my daughter Meagan Betts on Discovery Channel tonight… she is playing the role of April Kendall on the new show called A Haunting her episode is called The Haunting of Summerwind tonight at 10pm. If you miss it tonight, it will be on again on the 8th at 10pm the 11th at 11pm and the 19th at 10pm… I had a short appearance in one scene…

November 1, 2005
Audition @ MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] for a commercial for Virginia Pre-Paid College Tuition. I BLEW in this audition… you know how sometimes you go into an audition ready to go, but no matter what comes out of your mouth it is wrong… Well today was that day…

Again, I rode to the audition with my bud Terry Jernigan, and he and I read together – he was the straight Dad, I was the crazy Dad… Terry nailed it… I didn’t… ok NEXT.

October 28, 2005
Had a photo-shot with Socko. Lets hope I get some good shots I look good in… See I’m not questioning Socko’s talent; He took Wonderful pictures of my daughter… I’m questioning his subject… i.e. me… Will post them when I get them… assuming they I look good…
Honeslty I have seen Socko’s work and he does good work… I do recommend him… and if he can make me look good, I will really recommend him…

October 27, 2005
Tonight at 9:00 pm I am playing John Wayne Gacy on TLC’s new show called Psychic Witness, the episode is called The Fall of a Serial Killer Click here to see the listing on TLC.

October 26, 2005
Audition @ MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] for a commercial for an insurance company in West Virginia. Good audition, I rode to the audition with my bud Terry Jernigan.

October 24, 2005
Talked with John Dowling the director for The Town That Banned Christmas and he let me know that I am in the final running for the role of Donnie – which is basically the co-lead for the film. Yeah!!! He called to make sure I freed my calendar for the film.

October 20, 2005
Went to call backs in Long Island for The Town That Banned Christmas. It went very well. I met a number of Great Actors. Also I met Uptown Kevin Brown, The King Of Comedy, who will be playing a role in the film. Kevin is a comedian based in NY – A great guy!!! And Funny as all get out…

October 17, 2005
Set your TVO’s, I the show where I played John Wayne Gacy – Psychic Witness (had working title of Psychic Investigator) will premier on the TLC channel on the 27th at 9pm… Check it out. The episode is called The Fall of a Serial Killer.

Also the show on discovery channel called A Haunting that my daughter worked on (and I had a very small role in) will be airing on Discovery Channel Nov 4th at 8pm.

October 14, 2005
Ok got the email… I have callbacks for the film The Town That Banned Christmas on Thursday on Long Island… The Director gave me a few names of celebrities that I needed to be familiar with… I think they are going to be at the call back… It is going to be fun!!! He has requested me for many hours, so I will most likely be running a bunch of the scenes from the film with other actors…

October 11, 2005
Auditioned in a little town called Greenlawn, NY. Its on Long Island… it was for a film called The Town That Banned Christmas. I saw a posting for this on IMDBs message board, so I emailed my stuff to John Dowling and he sent me the script and asked me to come and read. I read the script and loved it. I completely identified with on character – Donnie. ( it is almost like they wrote the role for me.)

Anyway the audition went Great… I had a ball and loved the guys involved… this is a really great story, and I hope I get to work it… Oh Yeah… They told me I would be called back for the role of Donnie…

October 9, 2005
Finally finished my ’04 taxes… YEAH!!!! (I was pacing myself)

October 3, 2005
Worked today shooting the new show by Superfine Films for the hallmark channel called Heroes. The special effects were awesome… they blew up a SUV.. I only worked for one day… when I took the job I thought it was for more… still had fun!!!!

September 26, 2005
Just got called by Kaz Phillips, and I booked the shoot with Superfine Films in upstate NY next week.

Today I had a massage and I want everyone to go and see Beth!!! It was wonderful!!! I did something to my neck / arm and she really worked it out… So if you find yourself in Virginia Beach you need to call Beth Agresta @ 757.496.3353

September 22, 2005
I’m on hold for the show with Superfine Films… It is a new series with the working title of Rescue. It will air on the Hallmark Channel. I’m on hold for a few days shooting in upstate NY. Kaz said I’m her choice but the choice will be in the hands of the producers…

Got another call today to work at Coastal for Hunter Thomas next week… AHHHHH I can’t do it cause I need to be clean shaven for Hunter, but the shot in NY I need to have a goatee and I wouldn’t have enough time to grow one back… I’m determined to work with Hunter… She AD’ed the shoot I did in August – Lost Letters of Faith… and we hit it off very well…

September 21, 2005
Finally talked with Kaz and we agreed that I would email her a digital picture of what I look like today… So I emailed away…

September 20, 2005
Talked with my bud Tommy Hahn and he wants me in his film Terminal – not the part I auditioned for, but a smaller role… It will be a blast, I’ll be working with Kera O'Bryon and Hunter Thomas is directing…

September 19, 2005
Kaz Phillips from Superfine Films called to have me come in for a looksee – There is concern my hair is to light for the job… I was unable to get in contact with her today to figure what to do…

September 15, 2005
Got a call today from Mystie Buice from Houghton Talent again for a Low Budget SAG film audition in GA tomorrow… I can’t make it – to short of notice… I call and talk to Mystie and she says she is going to try and get me into the call backs…

September 14, 2005
Auditioned today at MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA]for the room store… What a silly audition… I had a ball – little musical chairs anyone…

Heery Casting in philly called for an audition for a decent paying industrial tomorrow… but I have a doctors appointment that took a few months to set up… I just can’t make it..

September 13, 2005
Got a call today from Mystie Buice from Houghton Talent in Atlanta Georgia. She is submitting me for a nice job. It’s for a Museum in Florida that is trying to bring “everyday” folks into their establishment. (do you get anymore “everyday” than me???) The job will consist of one to two day in Atlanta doing a photo shoot. (I can visit my brother Scott and his family cause they just moved to GA) Then in early Oct three to four day in Florida shooting a few commercials. This would be a nice gig…

Well thanks to my website Mystie could just grab my headshots and resume from the site to send out soft copy… I love this Internet thing… I bet it will catch on…

Also got a call from Stacie at MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA]seems I get to come to the call backs for the Room Store commercial… I’m going to swing by tomorrow and do my thing (what thing that is – well see…)

Got a call for avail to shot a industrial at Coastal. Hunter Thomas is directing.. I really want to do it, but I’m in DC…

September 12, 2005
In Washington DC for day job. 12th – 14th.

Talked with Kaz from Superfine Films again about the job in upstate NY… she again said they may want me to come in for a look see…

September 9, 2005
I have been getting calls for auditions and some jobs that I have had to turn down. Last month on about the 13th I started building a Home Theater in my house and I have a deadline that is looming over my head and if I don’t meet it, I loose about 3500 bucks… More to come on this later…

September 7, 2005
On September 1st I submitted myself for a project with a production company called Superfine films via Actors Access (need to check it out – worth it).

Well I got a call today from the casting director Kaz Phillips and they are interested in seeing me. They wanted some more info and pictures, so I sent them to my website. Kaz liked what she saw and said they might want me to come in for a look-see later next week. Don’t know much about the show yet, only what was posted on the breakdown- DOCUMENTARY SERIES, REENACTMENT for Cable NON-UNION EPISODIC

September 6, 2005
Got a call for a Room Store commercial audition today at MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] on the 8th… but of-course I can’t make. AHHHHHH

September 5, 2005
Just got released from the VA Lottery commercial.

August 26, 2005
Put on hold for the apprentice commercial. However… I think I miss understood what the commercial is for. When I was called and put on hold, they told me that it was for the Apprentice VA Lottery – commercial… But hay – at least I’m still on hold…

August 22, 2005
Audition @ MODELOGIC [WILHELMINA] for a commercial for the Apprentice. It was kinda fun, I auditioned for an over confident businessman who is being interviewed by The Donald and he is on the edge of breaking because he KNOWS he is the best person – strike that – The only person good enough to be Donald’s next Apprentice.

August 19, 2005
I was just emailed a copy of the Geeks-On-Call commercial I did earlier this year. I put a link on my media page… click here to check it out

August 18, 2005
Filmed Lost Letters of Faith today… Worked with another good friend Justin Dray – this boy can act… We had a good few days of shooting and Justin was as funny as ever. The commercial I have on this site, Justin was the non-tax payer I was chasing through the streets…

Again the set was awesome!!!! I will attempt to put some pictures of this production up soon…

August 16, 2005
Took the test to be a licensed Class A builder / Technical General Contractor. And I passed… So now I can legally pay someone to build a house then sell it to make money to support my acting career… (pretty smart huh??)

August 12, 2005
Back @ Creative Edge today… I do the read, not my best, not my worst… But I don’t think I have the overall feel that the producer is looking for. Turns out they had originally hired Bill Goldberg but he backed out. I don’t think I gave them what they wanted. My agent did tell me they were still looking for another name actor or celebrity.

August 11, 2005
Today was a very interesting day… I had lunch with my good friend when I received a call that I was being submitted for an Infomercial and the producer wanted to see a reel but of-course mine isn’t done yet… So my agent said we’d wait to see what they wanted to do, because the producer DID NOT want to audition anyone. So on my way to lunch I dropped off an updated resume at Creative Edge.

While eating I get a call and it turns out that because I dropped off the H/R they wanted me to come in and meet them…

So with my belly full I drop in. They give me a copy of the script for TuffStuff (a cleaning product) and have me audition… Well, it didn’t go well – the script was a shooting script. Every line was broken-up and not in sentence/paragraph form so I BLEW!!!!!! After asking for a min with the script I tried again… then director worked with me telling me what the producer was looking for, so I tried it again… I did ok for the first few lines, but after that, the script just kicked my butt. At this point the producer looks at me and says he doesn’t want was his time… Take the script home and come back tomorrow… (He musta saw hope…)

August 10, 2005
Any time I get frustrated with anything relating to acting, like; not enough auditions, not enough bookings, felling like I’m submitting to everything but nothing is happening, I go to this website Stephon Fuller is an actor out putting in the time and effort… If I think I’m trying hard enough to succeed – I read his blog. (If anyone is reading my simple thoughts here, go the his site click on his Long Ass Blog and read what this boy has done and is doing to succeed.) He has been journaling his pursuit of his acting dream since 1993…

So last night I mailed out over 30 post cards to my agents and Casting Directors I have worked with… and even to some of the production companies I did some work with… Gotta keep my name out there until they start beating down my door…

August 8, 2005
Ok… so things have been a slow for me lately… (Lesson learned… when you need a beard for a job, and your agent say’s “Keith the client is willing to supply you with a fake beard, or you can grow one” – unless you making a fortune on the job. Keep shaving, let them supply that beard for you so you can keep working…)

So I have had a good bit of time to think and reflect… And plan how to keep my career moving forward… My plan is simple… Market, Market, Market… And yes of course practice, practice, and practice…

August 5, 2005
Good audition last night I had a ball with Tommy and Hunter…

Attended another day of classes for my Class A builder / General Contractor license.

August 4, 2005
Attended a class today to study for my Class A builder’s license. I’m going to make some extra money by building homes; I’m doing this to help support my acting habit.

Audition tonight for a Short called Terminal. A good friend of mine, Tommy Hahn is producing it, and another friend Hunter Thomas is directing… (Boy I hope I don’t blow in the audition in front of my friends…)

August 2, 2005
Been a little slow on the acting front… It never seems to fail, I’m busy, busy, busy then all I can hear are crickets… Today and tomorrow (8-3) I’m in DC doing some stuff with my day Job…

July 29, 2005
Got a call today… I am being submitted for the new 10-part HBO miniseries filming in Richmond Va and Europe called John Adams. According to a press release by HBO, the ten part miniseries will follow both the birth of the United States and the first 50 years of its history. HBO Films has indicated that the series will also incorporate the love story between Adams and his wife Abigail, as well as the tumultuous relationship between fellow patriot Thomas Jefferson. The show is slated to be on HBO in ’07.

July 28, 2005
Today I had the rare opportunity to audition at Studio Center. This is one of the best VO studios around… Their customer list is like a who’s who. It is almost impossible to get an audition, let alone get on their talent roster. It was a good session, it was only scheduled for 45 min, but I was in there for 90 minutes. I was recommended by a close friend Kera O'Bryon I’m praying for this one… the odds are not in my favor… but I’m optimistic.

July 27, 2005
Filmed today on “Lost Letters Of Faith”. It is being funded by the Newington Cropsey Foundation What a great production… the production value must be huge… we shot today in the kings chambers... And WOW did the art dept and set crew out do themselves; it was beautiful… I can’t wait to see it; it will look fantastic.

July 25, 2005
When it sucks… it can sometimes really suck… I got contacted today for an audition in NYC at Liz Lewis Casting for a Nike spot… and well since I’m doing the biblical period piece, I look a little like Grizzly Adams, and well that just won’t work… and the shot will be during the time that I committed to keep this scratchy beard… AHHHHH is ok… Next time!!!!!

July 21, 2005
Got a call today from Craig Colvin casting in LA for an AAMCO commercial… and you know what really stinks… I CAN’T GO… I really want to cry…

July 15, 2005
Filmed P.I. again today…

Just incase anyone was wondering, raw potatoes don’t float… I had to toss a “dead body” in a duffle bag over a bridge into a river. They only had two duffle bags, so the production team was trying to figure what to put in the bags to make it look like a dead body, but not have the bag drop immediately to the bottom, this so we could do more than one take… So in the production meetings someone said, “Hey use potatoes, they float…” but the AD didn’t agree, and he was overruled… So standing on the bridge he tossed one potato into the river and we all stood around waiting for it to surface… Never happened… But luckily for the PA who was going to have to go swimming to retrieve the duffle bag if it did sink, there was enough mass and air in the duffle that enabled them to snag the bag with a grappling hook before it sank…. Another fun crazy day on the set…

July 14, 2005
Filming Physic Investigators. John Wayne Gacy, Jr. is crazy!!!!

July 13, 2005
Filming Physic Investigators.

July 12, 2005
Filming Physic Investigators.

July 11, 2005
Soo close... I was just released from hold for the film Invincible.

Next Time… now on to my next audition…

July 8, 2005
Booked show Physic Investigators, playing the part of famed Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy, Jr.

July 7, 2005
Called for availability for New Dominion Pictures new show Physic Investigators

July 6, 2005
Just got called and I Booked part of Tobias in “Lost Letter of Faith”.

July 4, 2005
Happy Birthday USA!!!!

God Bless America

July 1, 2005
In Pittsburgh visiting family till July 9th.

June 23, 2005
Auditioned for “Lost Letters of Faith” a production about biblical times produced by CBN.

June 22, 2005
Got a call yesterday from Allison in casting (New Dominion Pictures) saying – Hey Keith, since your going to be here tomorrow with your daughter anyway, how about doing a part for me so you can earn money while you’re here. (did I tell you that I’m now in love with my very pregnant friend???) So I shot a scene today in the new show Haunting.

June 21, 2005
Shoot in Northern Virginia for Homeland Security (Central Casting). I played a bus driver who is confronted with a passenger leaving a backpack on the bus… Hum, what to do??? Was a good shoot, I enjoyed myself… and I might now be qualified to operate a bus… (always need to keep the options open right)

June 17, 2005
Well just got a call from Allison… and I didn’t book Haunting, but my daughter did!!! Three days next week.

June 15, 2005
Auditioned @ New Dominion Pictures for a new show called Haunting. It was a great audition. Thank you sooo much Larry and Allison!!!

June 14, 2005
Call back for Invincible staring Mark Wahlberg at Heery Casting. Again a great read – keep them fingers crossed!!!!!

June 14, 2005
As I was leaving Philly I got a call around 5pm. I’ve just been put on hold for Invincible!!!! I can’t cut my hair so I look more seventies-ish. I haven’t been booked yet – the will let me know (hopefully) in two weeks or so. Keep them fingers crossed and say some prayers, this would be a great job!!!!

June 13, 2005
Just got a call from Heery Casting, I have a call back for Invincible tomorrow in Philly at 2pm… AWWW problem, I have an audition at New Dominion Pictures for a new show called Haunting. New Dominion is in Virginia and the read is at 1pm.

What to do… Well I called the casting director at New Dominion Allison and she and the producer are going to let me audition on Wednesday!!! YEAH!!!! (I’m now in love with her) Never hurts to ask.

June 10, 2005
Auditioned at Heery casting for the Film Invincible staring Mark Wahlberg, set to start principle photography in July.

It was for an absolutely crazy part and it was a blast to read for… cross your fingers… it would be a great part

June 8, 2005
Booked the Homeland Security Industrial playing the Bus Driver, which I read for @ Central Casting. Shoots the 21st.

June 5, 2005
In Hawaii Till the 9th for day job.

May 31, 2005
Audition @ Philadelphia Casting for National Coke commercial. This is a remake or rather an updated version of the “I’d like to buy a Coke” song commercial from the 70’s. It is a great idea for a commercial, instead of singing the song in a big field in the middle of nowhere it is going to be on top of a building in NYC. It will have the same feel although much more mellow... The shots will slowly zoom out and reveal they are in the city...

May 30, 2005
Thank you Vets!!!!!

May 26, 2005
Filmed the commercial for Geeks On Call today. Went great… it was a short 30 second spot with three different folks telling why they use Geeks on call, so I had two easy lines, did them conversationally about 50 different times. Then they say to me… “We need to take some shots for the Internet…” and I’m like “I’m sorry my agent didn’t say anything about that…” and they say, “its ok we called her and your getting paid extra for that too…” YEAH for me!!!!

The commercial is going to run regionally (possibly nationally later) and the pictures will be on the web soon.

May 25, 2005
Audition at Central Casting Washington DC for Homeland Security Industrial

Audition for Navy Industrial at Creative Edge in Virginia Beach

May 24, 2005
Today I realized that I missed an audition yesterday at Central Casting in DC. I wrote the date in my planner as the 30th, but when I got to the office today I realized that the sticky I had on my desk said it was on the 23rd… AHHH how stupid. So I picked up the phone to call Dagmar and say I was sorry for being stupid and guess what, she was very thankful that I called and apologized and took responsibility for my mistake and rescheduled the audition for tomorrow.

So lesson for today: Tell the truth and be a man and take responsibility for your mistakes…

May 24, 2005
Recieved a call from Modelogic, I booked the Geeks on Call spot. We shoot on Wednesday the 26th.

May 23, 2005
Just wanted to put one note in here…

Have you ever worked with an actor and you know that they are going to succeed. Well doing Hiram & Nettie this past few weeks I had the pleasure of working with a very talented actor by the name of Michael LeMelle This man is going to go far and I know him!!!!

May 22, 2005
Preformed “Hiram & Nettie” tonight. The show went very well. It is so awesome working with experience actors!!!! It was truly a pleasure to work with Denise Dowse , she gave so much emotion in our scenes it made it so easy to hate her character Mamma Sue. I wish the audience could have seen the emotion she sending my way. In one scene where I smack her face and hit her back with a cane (yes I really did hit her both times) she surprised me tonight as she was delivering her lines prior to the smack she was crying… Real tears coming down her cheeks – all the rehearsals before tonight she was only fuming mad, but not tonight… It added to the tension between us like no bodies business… After the show I asked her why she went that way, she said that day she looked at what my character had done to hers and what I may do to our daughter it drove her to that emotion… and boy did it work…

May 20, 2005
We worked to 2am Friday night / Saturday morning on the play, Terrance Afer-Anderson is pushing to make sure this play is the best it can be. I’m tired…

May 19, 2005
Received a call and got put on hold for a Geeks on Call commercial.

Play rehearsal again tonight… late night, we were there till after midnight.

May 16, 2005
Auditioned for a Navy Industrial in Norfolk, VA.

May 13, 2005
Jumped back into play rehearsals. Playing a Plantation owner isn’t the most fun I have ever had… Its pretty hard to look a friend in the eyes and call him n*gger, but as I’m getting into the character of “Massa Barkley”, I can really feel the anger and hatred for the slaves… I need a few minutes to get back to reality and become good 'ole Keith again.

Also had rehearsals Saturday and Sunday.

May 12, 2005
I was submitted for a print job in Baltimore for a local computer service company.

May 11, 2005
Called for a speaking part for an industrial in Virginia Beach, VA – TOMORROW… But of course I’m in San Diego… (am I cursed or what????)

May 8, 2005
In San Diego till the 13th for day job.

May 7, 2005
Play rehearsal “Hiram & Nettie”.

May 6, 2005
Play rehearsal

May 5, 2005
Play rehearsal

May 4, 2005
Booked the Play “Hiram & Nettie”. First rehearsal is tonight. The show will open on May 22nd.

May 3, 2005
Meet with Terrance Afer-Anderson to discuss possibly performing in play “Hiram & Nettie”. I have been asked to come to rehearsals Wednesday the 4th and read for the role of Barclay Willett, a great role (4 or 5 in billing). I just finished reading the script and it is a great Romantic Musical love story between two slaves. If I play Barclay, he is the plantation owner where the story takes place.

May 1, 2005
Was contacted by Terrance Afer-Anderson about performing in his play “Hiram & Nettie” in Norfolk, Va. The play is featuring Denise Dowse (who stared in “Ray”).

April 29, 2005
Filmed my scenes for “Shades of Gray” in Richmond late Friday night. I was playing this drunk keeping warm by a fire in a 55-gallon drum and there was this great shot where I had a mouth full of liquid and blew it into the flames, causing a HUGE fireball. It was AWESOME!!! I hope it turns out as great as it looked when we did it.

April 19, 2005
Had a look see at Steve Belkowitz Studios in Philadelphia, PA for a photo shot on Yale Fork Lifts.

April 19, 2005
Meet with Rodney Robb of Actors Center Philadelphia and had a chance to audition for him. The audition went well and it appears that we are going to start working together via his agency Baby Boomers Talent Management. Check them out on the web at

April 15, 2005
Attended production meeting for "Seduction of the Innocent." The filmmakers are very ambitious and excited about the film.

April 14, 2005
Auditioned for film called "Walker" at Fincannons in North Carolina. Walker is a film by Matt Williams (creator of Roseanne and Home improvement) starring Jason Patric.

April 2, 2005
Auditioned in NYC for the lead in the film "Gregarious Stranger". This film is being produced by Bulldog Productions in assoc with Yale University.

April 1, 2005
Call back for Indy film "Seduction of the Innocent" by Lyons Pryde Productions, to be directed by Joshua Mims.

April 1, 2005
Just came back from call back for "Seduction of the Innocent" and I booked the part of "Det. Harvey Bullock"... This film is a Batman Fan film... For those of you who are real fans of Batman you will know who "Det. Bullock" is... I will also be doing the voice for the Peguin... This will be filming in May...

March 30, 2005
Call back for the MTV pilot "The Block" at Heery casting in Philly... Met with the Director... Went well... I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

March 27, 2005
Happy Easter!!

March 25, 2005
Audition for Window World Inc. 30 minute informercial in Richmond Va.

March 23, 2005
Booked to play the role of "Fire Spitter" in Keith Marcum's film "Shades of Gray". shot dates yet to come...

March 22, 2005
In DC till the 25th for day job...

March 16, 2005
Auditioned for Indy short in Richmond, VA "Shades of Gray" directed by Keith Marcum, and casting by Anne Chapman.

March 14, 2005
Auditioned for Indy film "Seduction of the Innocent" by Lyons Pryde Productions.

March 14, 2005
New website up and running… The News section will be updated on a regular basis as I book jobs and do work. If I have any "good" auditions I will post them.

February 23, 2005
Filmed an industrial for the Park Group dealing with Terrorism, Richmond Va.

February 17, 2005
Audition for Medco lock commercial in Richmond Va.

February 11, 2005
Audition at Heery Casting (philly) for MTV new show "The Block"

February 9, 2005
Audition at Fincannons for NBC pilot “Fathom”.

February 2, 2005
Surgery – Gall Bladder removed.

January 25, 2005
Just got a call – I book the Film in Canada "In The Woods". Playing the part of Blue Beard. The film is being done by Majestic 9 pictures. Check out the site

January 23, 2005
In DC for day job till Jan 29th.

January 14, 2005
In Pittsburgh visiting family till Jan 19th.

January 8, 2005
In UK for day job till Jan 13.

January 4, 2005
Filmed Breit, Dresher, & Imprevento commercial for Park Group.

January 2, 2005
Return from my holiday break.

December 29, 2004
Audition Liberty Tax

December 22, 2004
Start my holiday break.

December 22, 2004
Audition in Philly for industrial – audition in Baltimore, for Strayer University commercial.

December 20, 2004
Audition for Film "In the Woods" in Toronto Canada.

December 18, 2004
Christmas party FUN!!!

December 16, 2004
Audition Breit, Dresher, & Imprevento, Law firm in Tidewater VA.

December 15, 2004
Audition Navy Industrial

December 8, 2004
Filmed National commercial for Strayer University.

December 4, 2004
Film national commercial for Liberty Tax. Auroris Media

November 30, 2004
In San Diego till Dec 3rd – personnel no acting stuff

November 15, 2004
Returned from out of town

October 28, 2004
Headed out of town can’t take any work.

October 22, 2004
Traffic court – I Won!!!!

October 20, 2004
Audition Tysinger Automotive group.

October 13, 2004
Film "Build the Bridge". Go to meet some great folks… Taylor Mason comedian Very Funny… Also, Kristi Watts a producer and report for the 700 club , and author and a regular on Living the Life a show on ABC’s family channel Dr. Linda Mintle.

October 11, 2004
Audition for the VA Lottery – Dress Rehearsal for "Build the Bridge".

October 1, 2004
Film commercial for the Christian Bookstore Association to be aired during broadcasts of the 700 Club and on the CBN network across the US.

September 22, 2004
Audition for Christian Bookstores commercial.

September 16, 2004
Filming Dualife till Sept 19th. A short which was the Run and Gun project associated with the Great Lakes Film Assoication film festival. This short was filmed edited and scored in 3 days. For more information go to

September 10, 2004
Booked Game show pilot "Build the Bridge". Filming dates to follow.

August 18, 2004
Filmed a Acropolis Marble and Granite Commercial in Northern Va. Produced by News Channel 8.

August 18, 2004
Shot a job for ShopRite in New Jersey.

July 20, 2004
Worked on a Diagnosis Unknown in Suffolk, Va.

July 18, 2004
Filmed a National PSA on Obesity for PCRM.

July 15, 2004
Filmed Mug Shoot. A Columbia Grad School film by Brian Murphy.